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    • I have long loved the wraps that Oscha make; they are supportive and stylish, as well as reliable and reassuring. Most of my long term favourite wraps come from this fabulous British brand, I especially adore their blends.

      - Dr. Rosie Knowles
    • My first woven wrap ever was an Oscha and I fell in love. With my second child I wanted to try many different blends, colourways, weaves and patterns. I had so many wraps in hands and now i know what works best for us. I love my stash and every single wrap and sling has a story and a place in my heart.

      - Lena
    • I discovered Oscha three years ago, shortly after my first son was born. He wanted to be carried all the time and my stretchy wrap was not versatile enough. I fell in love with the beautiful patterns, colors and many blends of Oscha wraps. I also love how eco-conscious Oscha is. I now have a newborn daughter and I love using my Oscha wraps and ring slings with her as well as my son.
      - Andrea
    • I love everything about Oscha from their amazing customer service to their eco-conscious business model to their high quality products. Babywearing has made so much of my journey as a first-time mom more fulfilling and less stressful. There is something truly magic about Oscha’s fabrics called “sleepy dust” that can calm just about any situation for a baby, child, or even a caregiver. When I didn’t know what was wrong with my baby, I knew I could pull out an Oscha and that would give me a moment of sanity while my little one snuggled close. I am so much more confident in my abilities as a parent as we wait for wrappee #2 to join the family in two months! Thank you for making gorgeous fabrics with so many interesting blends and treating everybody like a valued member of a global family!

      - Mary
    • I am so thankful there is a beautiful company like Oscha that not only makes lovely, quality products, but makes products that help my family come closer together. We have had a few Oschas stay with us, but our favorite has to be Willow Esprit. Oscha makes gorgeous, heirloom quality wraps, and I would highly recommend Willow Esprit as it will be a permanent fixture in our babywearing stash.

      - Brittney