Our Team

Everyone brings something special to the Oscha workplace, contributing a rich variety of skills and experiences from different backgrounds and cultures, making it a vibrant and creative environment!

We love that our production happens wholly in the UK, we are proud to be providing good working conditions for local people, and to be making meaningful contributions to the local economy. By creating jobs for skilled local machinists we are able to support the re-growth of Scotland’s once-flourishing textile industry.

Oscha is a Living Wage employer and our employees enjoy a flexible working scheme as well as opportunities for ongoing skills development.

We all work hard to make sure Oscha is a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment. Each wrap, ring sling and carrier is crafted in an airy space full of natural light and colourful inspiration. Staff can grab a herbal tea or cappuccino and a healthy snack to enjoy in the Oscha garden on their breaks, but more often than not, they’re enjoying the sweet treats frequently sent in by our generous customers!