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The Oscha Story

I was inspired to start crafting baby slings after giving birth to twin boys only 16 months after my daughter, Aliya, was born. I had been using carriers with Aliya and had been a passionate advocate of all the benefits of babywearing. When Ash and Oban were born prematurely, and so soon after Aliya, I soon discovered that using woven slings made having three children under two so much easier.

It was a scary time but from the moment the twins were born I focused on being in the Neonatal Unit as much as possible, pushing for skin to skin contact to support their development and to help bond with them. I found great solidarity in the babywearing community on the Natural Mamas Forum who rallied around my efforts to hold the twins and encourage breastfeeding, which proved more of a battle with the unit staff than you might imagine.

The twins developed well and were discharged after about a month. Once they were home,  I discovered the joy of using woven wraps. I found they offered the most support and allowed for the greatest adjustments - perfect for the low muscle tone that premature babies have. After all the skin-to-skin time we had had in the Neonatal Unit, the woven wrap most closely mimicked the feeling of having blankets wrapped around us - providing comfort and warmth.

Slings soon became indispensable for daily life, even simple things like getting from the car into the house with twin babies and a toddler were a challenge that slings made possible. Woven slings allowed me time to bond with the twins and give them the greatest opportunity for healthy development whilst also allowing time for Aliya, who was not best pleased about the new arrivals!

I had spent time practicing as a fine artist and my father, Mike, is an artist and graphic designer and we began to discuss how sling users had little choice for elegant baby carrying, with the designs on offer tending to be either quite plain or child-orientated.

With that thought, Oscha was born: a wrap company whose passion is to make baby slings with parents in mind. Wraps and carriers woven with patterns designed to allow parents to feel stylish while caring for their children. During the formation of Oscha, my passion for sustainability was also front and centre. From the very start I was passionate about using organic yarns where possible, and from that point onwards responsibly sourcing yarns with ethical provenances has always been a core principle of Oscha.

I was also clear from the beginning that all production should happen in the UK, from weaving through to fabric finishing, and that all our processes should be free from harmful chemicals. This is important, not only because our slings were to be used against delicate skin, but also to limit the environmental impact of producing Oscha’s woven baby carriers.

Oscha was the first wrap company to package our slings in reusable and eco-friendly totes, we are pleased to say that this sustainable practice is now the industry norm! Over the years Oscha have made sure that all our packaging is made from sustainable sources and is either reusable or recyclable … or both!

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Since then there’s been many more changes, the Oscha journey has been all about learning, developing, and working a product I love and believe in. Every day brings new challenges and exciting opportunities. At the heart of it all is still the love of sustainable and responsible design, connecting with the babywearing community, and the irreplaceable moments of holding our little ones close.

Here at Oscha we are proud to offer innovation, luxury and style for parents and children, without compromising our responsibility to the planet.

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