6 Reasons to Babywear this Christmas


Benefits of Using a Sling During a Socially Distanced Festive Season

Although it might be a little different this year, we want to talk about how to enjoy Christmas and how babywearing can help you make the most of a socially distanced Christmas. It might not be exactly how we planned it (is it ever really?), but this festive season, let’s take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the time spent with loved ones, away from the usual hustle-bustle this time of year can bring.

It’s now, more than ever we really appreciate the time we get to spend together with family. Whether it’s video calls with relatives, socially distanced walks with friends or cuddle time with your little one – babywearing is your best friend. And here’s why…

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1. Send a Cuddle

After all, being together with your loved ones is what the festive season is all about. Babywearing is one of the most wonderful gifts of all so why not introduce babywearing to a friend? If you are unable to see the new arrivals in your family we know how much you’ll be looking forward to giving them that cuddle in person, but until then send them a cuddle with a woven wrap or sling and introduce them to the joy of babywearing.

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2. Hands-Free To Get On With Whatever You Need To

You might not be seeing as many people this year as usual, and maybe you’re looking forward to getting a break from rushing around! However, this also means that there might be fewer people to fuss over and hold your little one, which could mean they are a bit more demanding on your time. This is where your baby carrier can help, keeping you handsfree to get on with whatever you need to – whether that’s making a meal, going for a walk or opening presents! All of our baby carriers, wraps and slings can be worn on your front or back (when your baby is over 4 months and has good head control), meaning you can keep them close in whatever way works best for you. 

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3. Time For Bonding

This can be a difficult time of year for many, especially with heightened restrictions in some areas around the world. Of course, this can have an effect on your mood. The benefits of skin-to-skin time can really be beneficial for both parent and child at this time of year as this all-important contact releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, and strengthens the beautiful bond between you and your baby. And what better present than cuddles with your little ones on Christmas day?

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4. Helps Comfort Children

If your child loves all the attention at Christmas time, maybe they will miss it a little bit this year. Some children need more time and affection and that’s okay. One of the biggest babywearing myths is that it makes children ‘clingy’ (a term that really means a child is looking to have their needs met). Babywearing calms your little one and can mean they cry less. There is no such thing as spoiling your baby with cuddles as it helps create secure attachment bonds, encouraging your little one to feel safe enough to trust and make relationships with others. This is also true for toddlers and ring slings are perfect for quick ups and downs for a fretting toddler.

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5. Social Development For Your Little One

The festive season is an excellent time for your child’s social development as they are often held and cooed over by lots of friends and family members. Although this might not be possible with so many different people this year, babywearing allows you to easily hold and talk to them, which relaxes them and has a significant impact on their emotional and communication development. 

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6. Keep Each Other Cosy

Last but not least, using a sling with your little one gives you both a little bit of extra warmth, it is like having your own little hot water bottle cosied up against your chest on Christmas day. If you are going for walks to see your loved ones and want to keep your little one wrapped up warm, babywearing can really help in regulating their body temperature, whilst keeping you cosy at the same time!

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