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A/W 2017: The After Dark Collection

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
A/W 2017: The After Dark Collection

We take a stroll through a moonlit garden seeking inspiration for our newest Collection: After Dark. Bathed in an ethereal glow, the garden takes on a supernatural calm once the sun goes down. With rich, warm colours, a few pops of brilliant brightness and a focus on the natural world, this Collection promises to be gorgeously varied with designs & colours to suit all tastes.

The After Dark Collection will be with us from late October 2017 all the way through to early January 2018. Running through two distinct seasons this Collection takes its cues from autumnal warmth as well as the comforting chill of deep winter. Harnessing warm oranges, rich navy, cool purple and strong greens, the After Dark Collection is wonderfully diverse in its hues while maintaining the essential warmth we all crave at the changing of the seasons.

Focusing on the natural world for the After Dark Collection, we envisaged a garden teeming with life on a cool crisp night. We imagined the kind of clarity that only appears across freezing night skies scattered with stars, while our fabulously extravagant garden runs from the house right down to a dark shore.

The clear night sky, foxes frolicking under the hanging ivy, owls calling out across the still waters, waves gently lapping at the shore - the imagery of our moonlit garden fits beautifully with our favourite designs.

This Collection gave us the opportunity to experiment with several different warps to create a distinctive feel. Warmth, comfort, the return of some old favourites and the addition of some new classics are at the centre of the next few months' releases.

Along with the return of some Oscha classics we have some gorgeous new designs to add to our growing family of patterns. From Arts & Crafts-inspired pieces to rolling clouds and gorgeous new florals, we are so looking forward to sharing our designers' hard work with you.

Experimentation is at the heart of what we do here at Oscha; we are excited to be adding some new yarns to our wraps this season. From confetti flecked Tussah silk to Britspun Supima cotton, we have tracked down the highest quality yarns to bring some amazing new qualities to our wraps.

Britspun Supima is especially exciting as this is the only Supima Cotton to be spun here in the UK. We like to keep our yarn production as close to home as possible so when we discovered English Fine Cottons we knew we would have to use this gorgeous yarn in our wraps.

Supima cotton is a long staple yarn making it wonderfully durable & shimmery with a gorgeous, delicate strength. It is perfect for woven wraps as it creates a fabric with a lovely balance of grip and glide while looking beautifully luxurious.

Love the idea of Britspun yarns? We have also, recently used their Britspun Supima cotton in our gorgeous Ceò scarves & Britspun Suvin Gold in our latest Mithril releases.

Cosy Cotton is another new addition to our blends. Amazingly soft and warm this is a specially spun 100% cotton yarn. The Swiss spinning technology allows air pockets to be isolated within the yarn enhancing moisture absorption and creating a wonderfully cushy fabric. This 100% natural yarn is quickly becoming a firm favourite as the wrapping qualities are perfect for people who love the temperature regulating qualities of wool, but don't get on well with the texture.

Visits to our winter garden will start with the release of Starry Night Echo, Zorro Candlelight & Ivy Candlelight. These stunning wraps are the perfect way to launch the After Dark Collection as they epitomise the comfy & familiar, yet undeniably special, feeling we are trying to create with our autumn/winter releases.

Here we have included some sneak peeks of the next few week's releases to give you a taste of what's to come. For more teasers follow us on Facebook, where we will be posting images from the Collection ahead of the releases. Some of these gorgeous wraps will be released in very limited numbers so keep an eye on the listings for information about the amounts we have woven.

Ivy Candlelight Baby Wrap