Are You Wishing for a Sling This Festive Season?

Charlie Bulmer

 But still unsure which one would be best?

It may seem an odd request, but an Oscha Sling is an ideal gift of love. In the spirit of Eco-conscious giving we feel it’s the perfect time to create a compact guide to help drop those all important hints. We’ve included 5 Slings all with unique qualities we think you’ll love.

How subtly you drop those hints, is up to you. Our advice? Stick this on your fridge next to the shopping list so they can’t miss it!

Roses Aphrodite Ring Sling  

Just like the beauty of a rose, this Oscha classic really is timeless. It’s woven using a blend of Linen and Organic cotton giving it unrivalled breathability. This allows your baby/toddler to better regulate their body temperature. You can’t grumble at the price either, with it coming in at £84.00 ex VAT

Organic cotton is tougher than most other cottons, making it really supportive. The Linen adds another layer of strength but once you’ve given it a little love, it relaxes into a soft yet sturdy sling, making it a great option to carry toddlers with. 

To shop this product click here. To see our full range of Ring Slings click here. And for a little more guidance on getting started with Ring Slings we have a great blog to ease you in.

Unique quality – Super easy to use – Great for travelling as it packs up small, so little tots can be picked up and put down as they please.

Whistle Indigo Baby Wrap

This soft earthy and rustic looking Wrap is an all round winner. The neutral ecru tones and diamond design work well for both mum and dad. In the spirit of sharing everyone can feel involved with this choice.
The Wrap is soft and includes a fresh ecru organic cottolin mixed with Scottish Linen, creating a wonderfully supportive yet ‘cushy’ carry.

Our Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Ethically produced it sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial toxic chemicals.

Unique quality – Super soft support – A finer version of our wetspun linen weft has been used to add breath ability, strength and softness.

Okinami Set Sail Baby Wrap

If you’re after an option with added skincare properties this is the ideal Baby Wrap for you. This truly is a special option as it is made with Skincare Modal. A unique yarn imbued with natural oils and Vitamin E for proven skincare properties. It’s sustainably produced with all waste recycled back into the process and made into biofuels. The yarn is
An ideal option if you and your bundle of joy have sensitive skin.

Unique quality – Skincare – Temperature regulating as well as moisture balancing Skincare Modal is proven to help repair and regenerate skin while providing anti-inflammatory care to delicate skin.

Sekai Sail Cairis Carrier

This really is one of the most popular carriers we’ve made. The design of the Cairis is based on a Bei Dai, or ‘half-bluckle’ carrier. This minimalist design is perfect to ask for if you’re after a no-fuss, lightweight choice. The Cairis has padded shoulder straps that are loose for knotting where you please and a great waist buckle which comfortably distributes the weight of your baby.

To view our full range of Cariris Carriers click here.
If you need extra help with what options we offer follow this link.

Unique quality – Minimalist, no bulky ties or buckles. Lightweight and comfortable distribution of weight.

Map of Middle Earth Compass Baby Wrap

This gorgeous vintage yellow is a warming addition for any The Lord Of The Rings fan. This particular wrap has a thick yarn, fantastic for winter and heavier toddler carries. It has been spun with wetspun Linen, giving unparalleled support, and Britspun Supima cotton – which is entirely spun in the UK. Offering wonderful durability & cushy support with a rich shimmer.

Unique Quality – Middle Earth Design & Strength – If you are a Lord of the Rings fan there really isn’t a better option. When else will you get to wear the Middle Earth Map?

To see our full Middle Earth range click here.

After all, a sling is for life, not just for Christmas.
Too far? But seriously, this season ask for an Eco gift that keeps on giving. A Sling can be enjoyed by all and can be passed down from siblings, even between the generations. All our slings are handcrafted, organic and made to last.