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Top Tips for Ultimate Cairis Comfort

Jess Hippey
Jess Hippey
Top Tips for Ultimate Cairis Comfort

The Cairis is such a wonderfully versatile carrier. Quick and easy to use with wide wrap straps that give comfort like wrapping. Here are some tips to help you get the maximum comfort from the innovative design.

The Waistband

Ensure the padded tongue is sitting under the webbing; the Strata Linea waistband was specifically designed for this, to provide extra comfort and to prevent the webbing from digging in.

The Cross

A common concern is that the straps of crossed strapped carriers may ride up towards the neck yet a simple change in technique assures this isn’t the case.

These pictures show two different crossings - with the first being the least comfortable and the second the most comfortable. The fix is simple! First pull the strap down towards the ground to tighten and then across the back - you can see the difference in positioning here. 

Left: shows narrow crossed straps, Right: shows straps which have been properly adjusted

Want to learn the trick? This video shows how to use this technique to create a more comfortable carry.

The Straps

The straps flare out to half wrap width, enabling you to easily reinforce a carry and provide extra support with no additional knots or wrap length required.

Tips for Outdoors

Concerned about Car Parks? Simply leave the tails in the car!

Bring the front panel up, as usual, draping one tail up to your shoulder (whilst the bottom still resting in the car) then turn around, so the tail is still behind you clean in the car. Pull down and across and bring to the front where the length no longer reaches the ground.

Repeat for the other side.

No car? No problem!

When there’s no car in sight - a hair tie makes for a fantastic solution to those trailing tails.

A simple way to keep tails clean

Packing Perfection

Are you struggling to get it folded as neatly as it was on arrival -  here's a quick video to help you out:

Written by Jess Hippey

Jess is a mum to two boys and a Baby Carrying Consultant based in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

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