Calm in the Storm: How Babywearing Can Help You

Jess Hippey

We wanted to take a moment to write to you, and let you know we’re thinking about you all wherever you are. This current situation feels so unsettling to many of us, and while we can’t be with you in person we wanted to share some of our tips that are helping us stay comfortable and calm at the moment.

Keep them Close

For those of you who are still able to go out and about, it’s more important than ever that your little ones are kept out of reach.
A carrier helps keep them close, where they’re less likely to be touched on the cheek by a well-meaning passerby, and where also they can’t run off and touch surfaces you don’t want them to.

Keep them close

Wrap Games

For those who are in lockdown or self-isolation – firstly we are thinking of you. We thought we would share some of our favourite games which you can play with your wraps to help bring some light and laughter into your situation.

Wrap Dens / Forts

The Best Fort!

Wrap River / Forest / Path

My boys love to layout wraps, connect them together and walk along them, set up teddies, or play cars on them. A blue one becomes a river next to a green one that becomes the forest. We are so grateful for our little one’s imagination.

Wrap Art

Similar to above – use wraps to make art. In the UK there used to be a show called Art Attack where at the end they made a large scale picture using big pieces. Shape your wrap into something and let others guess what it is.

Games for little ones

We took some inspiration here from this link in case you’d like to read how they even help your little one’s development too.

  • Peekaboo
  • Tug of War (Very Gently)
  • Watching wraps wonderful movement, waves, wiggling along a floor.

We’d love to hear your other ideas.

We adore wrap games

Finally a personal encouragement from Jess, our in house Baby Carrying Consultant:

“In times of anxiety, carrying your baby close really helps.
After just a few minutes, oxytocin is released in both of you, mum and baby, dad and baby, and even when parents themselves cuddle. You can tangibly feel babies relax, and you yourself breathe a sigh of relief. Stress hormones are lowered, and you can take a moment to enjoy your precious little one.
Right now we need to keep our families close and delight in them.”

Jess, Close and Calm

Written by Jess Hippey:
Jess is an experienced Baby Carrying Consultant, and mum to two boys based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
For more info about the work that she does see: