Coastal Collection: Introducing Marina, Shoal and Splash

Marina woven baby wrap from Oscha

As we add new colourways to our Coastal Collection this summer, we welcome 3 new designs to the Oscha family. Our organic combed cotton soft aqua warp is the perfect backdrop for showcasing these new ocean-inspired patterns.


Developed from our designer, Evonne’s, original drawings, this marine-scape is a magical, illustrative take on life under-the-sea. Flowing seaweeds and spiralling corals interlock in ever-changing ways in this intricate design. The more you look at the delicate lines of this new pattern, the more you feel yourself diving into the tropical deeps to swim amongst the marine life! Shown in a simple aqua and ecru colourway this wrap is the perfect way to showcase this complex new design.

Shop Marina Mere here.


Playful, hand-drawn fish swim across this soft aqua warp. Zoe’s cute illustrations are the perfect design to complement the underwater scene in Marina. This design captures the simplicity of a storybook illustration, with a careful hand making sure Shoal is an effortless classic. The Atoll colourway is ideal for showing the bold lines and pretty details of this new design. Woven with a three colour weft facing technique this wrap pops with cool ocean tones.

Shop Shoal Atoll here.


Mike’s graphic take on the satisfying feeling of jumping into a swimming pool is showcased with our a striking three colour technique, giving this bold pattern a gorgeous vibrancy and a wonderfully tactile feel.  Splash is the perfect way to complete this triptych of designs which will be heading into our Coastal Collection over the next few weeks.

New Coastal Collection Warps

We have four new warps joining our Coastal Collection over the next six weeks. Firstly, our soft aqua organic combed cotton warp, featuring the newest ocean designs, with a few old favourites making a welcome reappearance. We love the options this simple background gives us, and the way it allows the details of some of the more complex designs to shine.

We also have three baby warps which we shared with our amazing pre-order groups. Designed by our customers, we are delighted to be able to offer some of our favourite designs on these gorgeous, vibrant fades! We love all of these grads & how they fit perfectly into our Coastal Collection, bringing a diversity of colour & meaning there is something to suit all tastes this season!

The Mermaid warp from the Breakfast at the Sea pre-order will feature three designs: Supernova, Matrix and, another new design, Eieora. Eieora is a simple but effective repeating pattern which looks amazing picked out in a jet black against the vibrant sunset colours of this warp.

The second Breakfast at the Sea warp is a cool green grad, complementing perfectly the vibrant tones of the sunset grad, this warp will feature Shoal, Matrix and Sono.

Sono Guyot

The final warp heading into the Coastal Collection is from our Polish pre-order group – this pretty fade of blues harnesses cool ocean tones, making it a gorgeous addition to the Collection. We have three colour, weft facing versions of Tuile and Hanna on this warp along with a gorgeous, all blue version of our Paven, peacock pattern.

Hanna Shell

All these releases will be available at over the next six weeks. They will also be previewed on our Facebook page ahead of release, so make sure you are following us to get the latest information about our Coastal Collection and the gorgeous other wraps we have coming soon.