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Coorie on Tourie & New System to Purchase

Hannah Eccles
Hannah Eccles
Coorie on Tourie & New System to Purchase

In preparation for our new listing system for selling our Coories, we decided to send it on tour! See below for some feedback from the families who had a go, and read on to find out what's new and how you can purchase one of your own.

What's New?

We've made a few tweaks to the Coorie body panel after receiving feedback from customers.
Previous Dimensions:
Baby Panel: 38cm (15") wide (at base) x 41cm (16") high.
Toddler Panel: 50cm (19.5") wide (at base) x 42cm (16.5") high.

New Dimensions:
Baby Panel: 44cm (17.5") wide (at base) x 38cm (15") high.
Toddler Panel: 49.5cm (19.5") wide x 43cm (17") high.

We've replaced the buttons for the hood with a simple tie so that you can still roll it up, creating that stylish look and holding it in place with ease.

How To Buy:

1. The Coorie will be made to order from specific Oscha fabric which will be previewed on Facebook before the 'slots' become available.

2. We will state how many slots will be available (approx. 2- 6 for each style) and time of the listing so that you can purchase your slot on the website when they go live.

3. Prices: Baby £268 | Toddler £279

4. We will aim to ship orders within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

5. Our aim is to have approximately 2 listings each month with different Oscha fabric.

As always, our Coorie baby carriers will be handmade in our workshop in Scotland by our team of highly skilled seamstresses.

What's Coming Up?

Sekai Waikiki Coorie
Sekai Waikiki has been specially woven to be made into carriers and we will have approximately 4 slots available on Monday afternoon. Look out for more information on Facebook (the Cairis carriers will be available in limited numbers soon too).
Sekai Waikiki is woven with amazing summery colours and will be perfect all year round.

Tessa carries her daughter who is 11 months old here. The Baby Coorie is suitable from 15 - 45lbs.

Okinami Wipeout Coorie
Approx. 4 slots will be available soon in Okinami Wipeout. The wave design stands out with a splash on the body panel and hood of the Coorie.

Image of front and back of the toddler Coorie

Read The Full Review:

Tjimkje tried the Toddler Coorie:

"I'm so surprised about the support! This is so soft on my hips and I can tie it wherever I like (I wear low on the hips rather than above, I can't carry high since I had an epidural! The shoulder straps are just amazing as well, I love the length of the tails too because I'm slim, most shoulder straps are too wide and too big, now I just tie it off in front, so they can't slide off. I can't believe I haven't thought of buying a mei tai- ísh conversion before...I always thought it was really good for babies and less supportive for toddlers.

I had Lex in it, he's 20kg and 1.10m, he fell asleep when I was preparing dinner... no pain what-so-ever. Great support from knee to knee still! And the back panel reached his shoulders. Lucy, who is my youngest, felt like a featherweight in this.
Great job!"

Tessa tried the Baby Coorie:

"I absolutely love, no I lie, I adore the Coorie! I already was a fan of the Cairis, but the Coorie exceeds it all. It is even more supportive. Before, I didn't know how more support would feel, as Cairis is already super supportive. Besides the ring sling waist belt being a very elegant and beautiful finish of the carrier, it is extremely practical. It allows you to adjust each section in terms of width of the waist belt separately, which gives a much more customised feeling. Especially now that my little one is getting bigger and bigger, this extra support is more than welcome. Also, the padding in the leg section is very comfortable and barely leaves marks on my baby's legs. Just like all other Oscha products, sleepy dust comes with the carrier. :)"

Nina tried the toddler Coorie with her son:

"I love the way the straps and belt are made, this helps to make a heavy baby very close to weightless. Actually, I love everything about it. Wrapping the Coorie made me feel that I'm using a very thoughtful product, that really considers all the things a parent needs for safe and comfy babywearing. Thank you for letting me try them."

Marielle tried the Toddler Coorie:

"The Coorie is comfort to the max! So easy and soft on the shoulders, no hard buckles pinching in the sides of my arms or hips. And so easy to tie! Thanks for letting me test this beauty!"

Eleonora tried the Toddler Coorie:

"This was the first time I tried to wear my daughter in a carrier, and it was a nice experience. Coorie is pleasing with the ease of handling, it is not hard to figure out how to wear it. Visually it's beyond praise, I have never seen a prettier carrier. I think Coorie is a great option for toddlers who have just started to walk."

Katherine also tried the Toddler Coorie:

"I love long wraps (and appropriately long tails which will flutter). In the case of Coorie, everything went perfectly for me - my favorite Oscha pattern - Roses, their color, those long tails, and the coolest belt with the rings. Shoulder straps are very comfortable and soft, the weight of my baby is 11.7kg and she felt weightless in it. I am cautious about carrying in rucks, mei-tais and carriers, but with the Coorie I had no complaints, it carries a baby comfortably for a long time. I would love to have such a carrier in my stash."