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Getting the Best Fit from the Bairn Carrier

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Getting the Best Fit from the Bairn Carrier

The Bairn carrier is our traditional full-buckle baby carrier. The Bairn was designed to be your snap-on-and-go carrier, perfect for those new to carrying or for those looking for a portable carrying option. Like any carrier, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the comfiest carry possible from your baby carrier; read on to learn our favourite tweaks for the Bairn carrier!

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Check out our Getting Started instructions for the Bairn Carrier here.

Find Your Perfect Panel Height

This tutorial guides you through how to set up your carrier and includes instructions on how to adjust the panel height so it sits perfectly on your newborn, infant, baby or toddler.

Position the Waistband Perfectly

This video shows you how to find the right position for your carrier waistband so that your sling fits your baby perfectly. By moving the waistband up or down your waist you can increase and decrease the panel height easily.

Find the Ideal Width for your Carrier

This video shows you how to know if you have over extended or under-extended your carrier panel width.

Tighten the Shoulder Straps Easily

Watch this video to learn about helpful tightening tips for the shoulder straps of a full buckle baby or toddler carrier when being used in a front carry.

Learn to Keep the Straps Away from Your Neck

This video shows you how to tweak the shoulder straps on any cross strapped baby or toddler sling or carrier. The key is to tighten the strap in a downwards motion before moving it across your back, this keeps it away from your neck and also ensures a more snug and supportive fit for your baby.

Mastering the 'M' Position - Learn the Pelvic Tuck

This video shows you how to position your baby correctly in any baby carrier. It will show you how to achieve the recommended 'M' position for healthy hip development and will help your baby be more comfortable. It will also make your carrier fit more effectively.

Adjusting the Check Strap for Neck and Shoulder Comfort

This video shows you how to find the right chest strap width and position for your full buckle baby carrier. This will help correct any discomfort you may be finding at your neck or shoulders when carrying.

Some people may find that their baby sling is hurting their neck or shoulders. Often this is because they are putting on the carrier so that the chest clip is really high, sometimes even sitting right at the base of the neck. Simply by ensuring that the chest strap or clip is positioned further down your back and tightened enough you will find the sling comfortable as the weight distribution is moved downwards and less pressure is being put across this vulnerable area.

Learn the Hip Scoot Method to Get Baby on Your Back

This tutorial guides you through how to safely move put your baby or toddler on your back using the 'hip scoot' method.

For more instructions, visit our Bairn instruction page or check out our YouTube playlist.