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Sketchbook: Introducing The Heritage Collection & New Design, Riverbank

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Sketchbook: Introducing The Heritage Collection & New Design, Riverbank

Here at Oscha Slings, we are proud to celebrate our Scottish heritage with designs inspired by the artistic and cultural history which surrounds our wee workshop outside of Edinburgh. With this in mind, we have created the Heritage Collection, an ongoing collection which celebrates the richness of our Scottish arts and crafts heritage along with the modern art scene in Scotland.

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This new Collection will include our current designs inspired by Scottish culture, including Fair Isle-inspired Croft & Sonsie, our stunning tartan slings, and our designs featuring intricate Celtic knotwork - Braid & Caledonia. Alongside these classic patterns, we have also been working with Scottish-based artists to create new designs which capture the magic of the Scottish landscape and history.

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Ursula Hunter, Little Axe, at her Edinburgh studio

The first of these new designs has been developed with Edinburgh based artist, Ursula Hunter, who works under the name Little Axe. Ursula works with woodblock prints to create stunning homeware & accessories, similarly, this design was originally developed as a print before being translated into a woven wrap.

You can see the evolution of Ursula's work here:

Ursula has created the gorgeous Riverbank design for us, this new pattern is inspired by the endangered flora and fauna of Scotland's lochs and rivers. Maintaining the look and feel of the print was an important part of this collaboration. So as we worked with Ursula's print to translate the bold lines of the print to a woven fabric, we were careful to reconstruct the marks and textures which are the hallmark of the traditional woodblock style.

We are so happy to be releasing the product of this collaboration: Riverbank Luna. Ursula's pattern is picked out with a bright turquoise blue, organic combed cotton weft, which adds grip and a little cush to this shimmery soft Tencel warp.

Designed in Scotland, inspired by lochs and lakes Riverbank Baby wrap for Oscha Slings