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Review: Matrix Meala

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Review: Matrix Meala

This organic combed cotton, merino wool and silk blend's wrapping qualities are put through their paces as Jessalea tests out our Matrix Meala with her 3-year-old daughter.

Name: Matrix Meala
Blend: 57% organic combed cotton, 21% merino wool, 22% silk
(Organic Combed Cotton Warp/Wool & Silk Weft)
Soft touch finished
GSM: 256 gsm
Width: 68cm wide
24 wraps, 8 ring slings, 4 shawls and 8 scarfs have been made.
Dual hem (one hem is sewn each direction)
Wrapee age: 3 years, 3 months
Wrapee size: Approx 38lbs, 35" tall

Have you ever wanted a wrap that just really shines in fancy finishes? Yeah, this is that wrap. A wrap that really handles well. One with great drape. One that has that moldability that just fits you like a second skin. Matrix Meala checks all of those boxes. It's light in hand and just moulds into place so comfortably.

Admittedly, I pre-judged this wrap when I grabbed it out of the bag. To me, it had only the hint of softness when I was wanting so much more. It does have the new soft finish, but first strokes of Matrix are deceiving because the matrix pattern has so much more grip than other patterns. However, after several wraps with it, unwashed, and the merino and silk together are becoming this supple duo. It's softer. It's getting a floppy quality that's comparable to wild silk that's in the process of being broken in. I have another Oscha merino - Starry Night Noel. Looking back on my experience with that wrap, the merino lost most of its prickle after a wash, a couple of wraps and some handling and that wool really felt differently after a short time.

I was wrapping in the early evening and temps were still about 75F. I wasn't warm. This wrap has some decent breathability and the thinness certainly keeps it from being bulky when wrapping with multi-passes.

When it comes to looks, the black weft just takes the Loch grad to the next level. It's just a visually stunning wrap that compliments the most gorgeous of seascapes. Dressed up or dressed down, this wrap works beautifully for both.

We also need to talk support. This assuredly will work comfortably for ages infant up to 18 months/2 years old (depending on the size of the child). For newborns, I recommend a wash and several wears to get the best properties of the silk and wool and for maximum fluidness. For wrapping kids beyond 2 years old though, you may find a carry or two that will be supportive. I played around with double hammock finishes and then I found a different carry that suited us perfectly! To my delight, a ruck, tied Tibetian supported my 3 yr old for comfortably for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes she was ready to get down and explore more of the new park we took her to. Some other carries needed some adjusting when she decided to engage in wrap-nastics (gymnastics while wrapped!). I definitely recommend sandwiching the shoulders (folding the wrap in half) in order to get you the cush needed for toddler wearing.

I tend to reach for wraps that are 300+ gsm as I find they often have the necessary support and cush for wrapping preschoolers and Meala confirmed that those qualities are indeed needed. Although I found a carry that could support her comfortably briefly, I like wraps that are more versatile in the carries we can do that provide comparable support and cush between them.

I don't think this wrap will work well for beginners. I think it takes some previous wrapping experience to be able to work with the grip of the matrix pattern and with the lack of stretch in the wrap itself. Lack of stretch means proper tightening when wearing a bigger kiddo.

This is such a gorgeous, fluid, and supple wrap. I'm blown away by the moldability and how well it wraps. It doesn't have any wool prickle and it's lightweight without any bulk, making for a beautiful wrap for summer wearing with the wool's thermo-regulating properties. The lack of bulk will be a tremendous asset when trying to pile on the thick clothes during winter, too. From infant to toddler, this wrap is a beautiful choice.