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Meet The Bairn Carrier

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Meet The Bairn Carrier

Looking for something simple and stylish? Something that's quick to snap on but still gives you the elegant look of an Oscha sling? Then the Bairn is the perfect carrier for you!

A traditional full buckle carrier, the Bairn has been designed to give comfy carries from newborn to two years. Ethically made in Scotland, the Bairn carrier features all-over Oscha fabric with colour matched webbing for a stylish alternative to the traditional full buckle carrier. 

"We designed this as your go-to, everyday, chuck-in-your-bag carrier that will support your little one from birth to toddlerhood."

Zoe, Oscha founder and designer of the Bairn carrier

Simple and intuitive to use with the elegance you would expect from an Oscha carrier, the Bairn is made entirely from Oscha fabric making it wonderfully soft and mouldable. The specially developed Slider-Cinch waistband allows for quick seat adjustments, making the Bairn carrier quick to put on and easy to adjust. The lightweight, flexible padding around your waist and on the shoulders gives soft mouldability, without compromising comfort, and keeps the carrier lightweight and portable. The Bairn is perfect for popping in your bag when you're on the go!

To make sure the Bairn was perfect for the new babywearer, we sent samples to Scottish sling libraries to test to ensure this new carrier was super simple to use and comfy for little ones and toddlers. We were so pleased that there weren't many changes needed and thankful to the libraries that provided such valuable feedback.

Slider-Cinch Waistband

This innovative waistband means the Bairn carrier fits from newborn to about two years with no extra inserts or accessories. A simple tunnel of material slides over the padded waistband allowing quick adjustment, even as your little one sits in the carrier. No need to fiddle with snaps, buckles or zips!

Sewn in the middle to avoid the waistband twisting or sliding out, the Slider-Cinch waistband means the seat of the carrier can be easily adjusted as your little one grows to ensure an ergonomic, knee-to-knee carry until about two years.

Made with Oscha's famous lightweight padding this waistband gives even weight distribution and a soft, mouldable comfort as the ribbed waistband moulds to your curves.

Dual Adjuster Buckle

For easy adjustment around the waist, we have made this buckle easy to tighten from either direction. Simply clipping on the waistband and pulling the webbing straps to either side will quickly give you a secure and comfy base before you start carrying your baby.
The removable chest strap also features this dual adjuster buckle.

Padded Shoulder Straps

As with our other carriers, the Bairn features lightweight padding on the shoulder straps for a soft mouldability without compromising comfort on the shoulders. This padding adds to the carrier's soft, minimal feel and keeps the carrier from feeling too bulky.  

All-over Oscha Fabric

All of the fabric used on the Bairn is our ethically crafted Oscha fabric, which is woven in the British Isles. Designed by our in-house designers and woven with responsibly sourced yarns, you can be sure that our fabrics will be soft in hand and gentle on delicate skin.

Colour Matched Webbing

So we can be sure the Bairn has that special Oscha elegance, we make sure all the webbing on our carriers are thoughtfully colour matched to the fabric being used. This gives the Bairn a refined look which compliments the beautiful fabrics we design and make.

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We sent the final version of the Bairn to some wonderful customer testers who gave us this wonderful feedback.

"I love this. I never use soft structured carriers but I reach for this one a lot for my 1.5 year old. Back and front, I pop her in and go. I love it."

Jamie - Sling Consultant

The Bairn stands out from other full buckle SSCs because it is so thin and light and folds down smaller than any of my other carriers. As portable as a ring sling, and as easy to use for frequent ups and downs, the Bairn offers the structure and support of a full buckle carrier without the bulk. 


Things I LOVE:
1. Obviously, the gorgeous Oscha fabric!

2. The buckles at waist and chest are double adjustable. I’ve never seen a carrier with this feature before and I love it! They are easier to tighten, but also means both parts can be replaced if something happens to your clip.

3. The chest clip is removable, so you can cross the straps or wear without the buckle if you aren’t a fan of them.

4. The base of the carrier scrunches up along the waist band for a quickly adjustable seat. The Nook Encompass is easier to adjust than the Free to Grow, but neither really allows for adjustments after baby is already in the carrier. The Bairn allows for adjustments after baby is already in the carrier and the waistband is stitched in the centre of the waistband so you don’t have to worry about the waistband moving or flipping over inside the casing.

“It has fitted a wide range of families, we have had success with both petite and broad adults as well as children from a few weeks old to toddler age"

Nicola Lawson - Sling Consultant & Librarian

“The Bairn is a small, compact and easy to use buckle carrier. Easy to adjust and very comfy to wear."

Laurna Hislop - Sling Consultant & Librarian

"This is a joy to show my clients, quick to master and wonderfully soft"

Jess Hippey - Sling Consultant & Librarian

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The Bairn is the perfect grab-and-go carrier!