Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts: Find The Perfect Present For Lord Of The Rings Fans

Charlie Bulmer

Gifting for a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fan couldn’t be easier with Oscha. Tolkien’s worlds have inspired so many of our designs and we love to think of new ways to incorporate his stories into iconic motifs. That’s why we have created this gift guide to show our top picks of enchanting Oscha Middle Earth goodies.

Deck your hobbits out in the best ethically handcrafted garments, fit for any adventure. Our slings are handcrafted to last, as a result they will see you though from the tops of the Misty Mountains to the safety of Durin’s Doors. Or alternatively, from the supermarket to your car.

Doors of Durin Mirya Baby Blanket

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As jack frost’s icy fingers extend towards us, make sure your little one is nice and toasty in this Middle Earth Baby blanket. This blanket is made with a soft, top quality blend of 70% cashwool and 30% organic cotton. Therefore making it an ideal soft and cosy cover.
The sumptuously dark plum background is met with a light grey weft, highlighting the enchanting designs. So why not wrap your little friend up and let the elves protect them whilst they sleep, with this popular Oscha design. 

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Evenstar Anduin Ceò Scarf

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Truly give them a gift of love with this enchanting Evenstar scarf. The Evenstar was a gift that Arwen gave her love Arragorn for protection. So pass this beautiful scarf to a loved one, as a symbol of peace, love and protection. This particular blend is made up of 61% Supima Cotton 39% Tencel. When Tencel is blended with cotton it creates a lustrous feeling of silk. In other words, it’s perfect if your special someone is Eco-conscious, as we only use the finest BCI cottons and Tencel is sustainably made from the wood pulp of trees!

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  Ancients of Gondor Hith Throw

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Designed with an iconic Sindarin script, this luxurious throw is a must for any cosy hobbit hole. Wrap up and read some stories on the sofa or place at the bottom of your bed. This throw is spun using a blend of organic cotton and lambswool. The cotton creates an unrivalled softness whereas the lambswool has anti-bacterial qualities. FYI, the wool is great for anyone who has allergies as it repels dust mites. 

You can find our full range of Middle Earth throws here, within our Lifestyle section.

Misty Mountain Aduial Wrap

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The misty mountain range that runs through the centre of Middle Earth is truly iconic. This design is complete with a border reading the verse –

 ‘far over the misty mountain cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old,  we must away, ere break of day, to find our long forgotten gold.’

This mystical mountain design is one of our most popular, having similarities with the illustration on the cover of The Hobbit, with its icy blue hues and midnight blue tones. A wrap is a piece of art that helps bond you and your child. It also gives you the freedom to roam, with hands free parenting, making the little things, like grocery shopping, adventuring or simply wrapping presents that little bit easier. A wrap is a great all rounder and can be used from newborn right up to toddlerhood. 

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Rings Of Power Glin Cairis Carrier

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An option for the non-wrappers, or ex-wrappers wanting to move to something different. The Cairis carrier is a fantastically hassle free, easy to use choice. It’s a super quick way to pick your child up and get going. That is of course, if your little hobbit is wanting to play along… 

This carrier offers padded shoulder straps and a belt buckle, evenly distributing the weight of the child across your body. This particular carrier features a unique and patented Strata-linea waistband which ensures no digging in of the buckle on the waist. 

Follow this link to our video on how to create a front carry with a Cairis.  

Ancients of Gondor Ithildin Bairn Carrier

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The Bairn is the minimalist, light weight option out of the two carriers. The Bairn is easy to use and has been designed to see your child from newborn through to 2 years old.
It features a sliding cinch waist which, an attached hood, shoulder and waist padding for extra comfort and even distribution of weight. The specially developed Slider-Cinch waistband allows for quick seat adjustments, making the Bairn quick to put on and easy to adjust. 

It’s fantastic for travelling as it packs up small. The trees in this pattern each represent part of the lineage of the White Trees. The original White Tree was much beloved by the Elves, it emanated silver light, and it is said the Moon was formed from its last silver flower. Each tree thereafter is seen to symbolise divine qualities of goodness, wisdom and purity. To shop this special Middle Earth Carrier please click here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give a gift that is utterly unique. Please don’t forget to check out our full range of middle earth goodies here.
We’ve also created something extra special for you all! If you feel they would prefer a selection of Oscha items then why not gift them with our Middle Earth Gift Bundle.