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Mithril™ Collection: Britspun Suvin Gold Cotton

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Mithril™ Collection: Britspun Suvin Gold Cotton

The Mithril Collection is a collection of limited and luxurious wraps featuring our Middle Earth designs. Just as the Boutique Collection runs alongside our main range, Mithril offers Middle Earth fans unique blend choices in specially woven colourways.

Woven on a gorgeous dusty fade of warm blues these wraps are effortlessly timeless, bringing a stunning sophistication to the Mithril Collection. This fade is exclusive to our Mithril Collection and will be found on all six of our upcoming releases.

This warp is formed from a new luxurious long staple cotton, Britspun Suvin Gold. A durable, strong and cushy cotton, Suvin Gold shimmers wonderfully in the light and will become buttery soft with just a little wear. It is comparable to Sea Island Cotton in its properties, this cotton is a well-loved alternative to the much rarer yarn from the British West Indies.

Our Suvin Gold yarn is especially unique because it is the only one to be spun in the UK. We like to keep our yarn production as close to home as possible so when we discovered English Fine Cottons we knew we would have to use this gorgeous yarn in one of our Mithril warps.

Doors of Durin Vale Baby Wrap

We are so proud to be supporting a British yarn company for this run of Mithril releases. Located in Manchester, a city that used to be known as ‘Cottonopolis’, English Fine Cottons are based in a former Victoriana cotton mill and are the first cotton spinners to be set up in the UK in over 50 years.

With Manchester formally the epicentre of the country’s cotton industry when Britain was responsible for eighty percent of global cotton yarn and fabric production, we are so glad that we are able to support this industry's return to its spiritual home in the North of England.

Love the idea of Britspun yarns? We have also, recently used their Britspun Supima cotton in our gorgeous Ceò scarves.

Doors of Durin Vale

We have three additions to the Mithril Collection to release this Friday (13th October).

Legend of Frodo Vale and Doors of Durin Vale both feature a glowing golden weft, which brings a welcome autumnal warmth to the Collection. Legend of Frodo has a gorgeously rich cush from a pure bamboo weft, while Doors of Durin offers a silky smooth texture and a wonderful malleability from a 100% wild silk weft.

Both of these stunning wraps shimmer and glow with the changing light, making them fantastically eye-catching.

Legend of Frodo Vale

Galadriel Namarie is woven with the same Suvin Gold warp but features a fresh ecru weft made from Seacell and silk. Seacell is a gorgeously thick yarn made from seaweed which has an intense shimmer and a wonderful softness. This shiny wrap is silky soft and malleable making it perfect for all ages.

Galadriel Namarie

Our Mithril releases will come packaged in our highly sought after Book Boxes, which will also be available for purchase on the site from Friday 13th October.

Mithril Book Box

We will have three more Mithril wraps to add to the Collection next month, so keep an eye on Facebook for more updates.