Scottish Baby Boxes: Can I Keep Using My Baby Wrap?

Jess Hippey
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Loved using your stretchy wrap? Feeling like your little one is getting a wee bit heavy for it? Now is a great time to move on to a woven wrap.

Some of the first babies to be carried and cared for in the stretchy wrap provided in the Scottish Baby Boxes are now over 6 months old. As they grow you may find you’d like to move on to something more supportive, which will continue the feeling of closeness and all cuddles you’ve experienced while exploring the world together.

Optimum positioning for a baby held in a stretchy and woven baby wrap
Demonstration of the natural ‘M’ position being supported by both a stretchy and a woven wrap

A woven wrap is used in much the same way as your stretchy sling; the way you tie and position are all very similar. Wovens will offer you more support as your little one grows with the ability to stay with you from newborn all the way through to toddlerhood.

Still working out how to use your stretchy? Visit our ‘How to’ blog here.

We are delighted that a stretchy wrap is being provided by the government in the Scottish Baby Box, which is given to all new parents Scotland. The inclusion of the wrap highlights how beneficial slings can be for the development of baby, from bonding to attachment and healthy development. These benefits don’t end with your stretchy, a woven sling can continue this support of babies development while keeping you hands-free to enjoy time out and about together.

Oscha's woven baby wraps keep you hands free.
Matrix Bud Baby Wrap

Transitioning to a Woven Wrap

Woven wraps are a natural progression from the stretchy wrap as all the skills you have learnt over the last few months mean you are in a great position to start using a woven sling,

You can learn more about woven slings here.

Even the process of putting it on starts the same for the most commonly taught first carry: the Front Wrap Cross Carry. This is a great place to start if you want to try out a woven sling.

Woven wraps are very versatile and support your child’s weight so well they last right the way through until you no longer want to use a carrier – and they can also be used from birth too if you’d prefer to start earlier.

Another benefit of using a woven wrap is they can be tied in many different ways & come in an amazing array of colours, making them a gorgeous accessory!

Tips for the Transition:

  1. Leave more room than you would for a stretchy, and then tighten around your baby. The key difference between your stretchy and a woven wrap is that a woven is not elasticated – it may take a few tries to get this right.
  2. Enjoy the art of wrapping – this means taking your time and enjoying the process.
  3. Start with a Front Wrap Cross Carry – it’ll feel so familiar you’ll quickly get used to it.
  4. Choose a woven wrap that you really love. There are so many colours, patterns and fabrics available there’s bound to be one you fall in love with.

For more help with moving from a stretchy to a woven wrap you might want to contact a local Sling Library or Consultant who will be able to guide you through the process. You can read more about what a Sling Library is here.
You can find local Consultants in the UK here or if you are reading from outside the UK you can search here.

Did you know that Oscha Slings is based in Scotland?
We are a small business based in Midlothian employing local seamstresses to create gorgeous woven slings. Our unique, original designs have given us an international following with Oscha lovers based all over the world. Join our Facebook group Clan Oscha to connect with our community, or follow our Facebook Page for updates.

If you’d like to read more, we have a number of blogs which might be useful for you. From top tips for people new to wovens & the amazing benefits of carrying, to posts designed to help you understand the different blend options available to in woven wraps.

If you have any questions about woven slings then please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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