New: LoveKnot Design

Hannah Eccles
Love Knot design look Oscha Scottish Woven Wraps

For a while now, we have been looking for an excuse to expand on our Celtic knot designs, and with the advent of the additions to our Romeo and Juliet collection this spring, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to design an Oscha love knot.


Mike set to work on sketching out rough ideas from traditional Celtic knot motifs before translating them into silhouettes that would be suitable for weaving.

After creating these in single width, he felt that something needed to be tweaked: ‘The space division felt a little awkward, and that it needed to have a different style, like variable width strokes. That was when I worked on the LoveKnot revision drawing. After that it was a question of refining the shapes to make something attractive with good shape.’


The LoveKnot final drawing before weaving, on the right, shows the artwork before it’s made to flow like a real knot with the under/over threading. We are delighted with the final design – we were aiming for a sophisticated and sweet take on the traditional Celtic love knot designs, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!In celebration of Mother’s day here in the UK, our LoveKnot It Is My Love! wrap will be listed on our website this Sunday 6th of March at 8pm (GMT).