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Discover the Amazing Qualities of our Pocket and Quilted Weaves

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Discover the Amazing Qualities of our Pocket and Quilted Weaves

Here at Oscha we are always looking for ways to enhance your baby carrying experience. After 10 years of weaving baby wrap fabrics, we have learned a thing or two about what makes the perfect comfy sling and our newest innovations are nothing short of magical.

Pocket Weave = Double the Sling

Woven with almost double the number of yarns across the warp and weft these slings are made with two layers of fabric sitting on top of one another. Anchored down in sections by the warp and weft yarns 'switching' sides, this weaving technique forms little pockets of air across the fabric. These pockets are what gives the fabric its unique cush.

A single cloth fabric with this number of yarns would be stiff and would not be suitable for wrapping, but by bringing some of the yarns to one side of the pocket and the rest to the other, it allows this fabric to remain soft and mouldable with all the strength of a densely woven fabric.

As there are so many extra yarns in a pocket weave fabric it is almost as though you are getting two wraps in one! This is why the majority of our pocket weaves are part of our Luxe range.

Due to the way pocket weaves are woven you can achieve a number of design effects which are not possible with a single cloth. By having the same colours in the warp and the weft, you can achieve a striking colour block effect where the colours from the warp and weft no longer 'blend' as they do in single cloth fabrics.

By using different colours in the warp and weft you are able to achieve a number of different tones. This can be used to create a fade effect as with Aran Knit and Kikumini Anouk or to highlight different areas of the pattern in a third or fourth colour, as with Doors of Durin Narvi.

Aran Knit
Kikumini Anouk
Doors of Durin Narvi

Pocket weaves are ideal from newborn to toddlerhood as their malleability allows them to mould around delicate newborns, while the two layers of fabric make this supportive enough for big kids.

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All four of these slings were woven on the same warp, this shows the amazing variety of colour effects you can achieve with the pocket and quilted weave techniques

Quilted Weave = Pocket Weave PLUS

The Quilted Weave technique is unique to Oscha, this is the next level of the pocket weave fabrics you know and love. Similar to the feeling of a pocket weave but with a richer softness, slings woven in this way give unparalleled comfort when carrying little ones and bigger kids.

Woven in a similar way to the pocket weave, with little pockets left between two layers of fabric, this quilted weave technique incorporates chunky quilting yarns which run throughout the fabric adding an even richer cush to these unique fabrics. The chunkier the quilting yarn, the greater the cush!

If the pocket weave is like have two wraps in one, the Quilted Weave is like two and a half! This means it is even better suited to carrying bigger kids, but still maintains the trademark malleability of the pocket weave. The Quilted Weave technique is a must-try for experienced wrappers and new parents alike.

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