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Sketchbook: Prism Collection

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
Sketchbook: Prism Collection

Inspired by the rainbow colours of refracted light, this Collection embraces the vibrant tones of springtime with brilliant, colour-filled baby wraps

Featuring our new Prism warp this Collection brings us out of the dark winter months, into the fun and colour of springtime. The bright spectrum of colours, which emerge from prisms as white light turns into a wild burst of colour, holds limitless fascination. It can't help but draw a smile & it was this sense of simple enjoyment we wanted to capture in this new Collection of woven baby slings & carriers.

Our classic organic combed cotton warp is a wonderful starting point for this playful springtime Collection. Soft and supportive, with just a hint of cush and shimmer this warp makes our Prism Collection wraps a versatile choice for any wrapper.

With a variety of wefts from Superwash wool to hemp, an alternating organic linen/hemp/Tencel blend to a Britspun Supima & pure bamboo blend - our Prism Collection has something to suit every taste.

Also to come in this Collection, look out for a stunning warp & weft grad combination which gives a really special dimension to our Prism warp. As well as this, we have a few pieces woven on our silky soft and supportive Tencel warp, this jet black base forms the perfect backdrop to showcase a stunning weft grad in two popular patterns.

Woven baby wrap ethically made in scotland by Oscha Slings
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The Prism Collection will be released over the next four weeks, keep an eye on Facebook for more updates on upcoming releases.