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The Middle Earth Collection: RohanTM

Charlotte Keeys
Charlotte Keeys
The Middle Earth Collection: RohanTM

For this new addition to our Middle Earth Collection, we travel south from the Misty Mountains to the great vale and the Kingdom of Rohan. The home of the RohirrimTM, the horse lords.


When considering a Rohan design, we wished to depict the culture and iconography of the Rohirrim, as described in The Lord of the Rings - Proud people with a strong monarchy, known for their skilled cavalry and horse training.

"I have been among them," [said] Aragorn. "They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed." 

The design took inspiration from tapestries, depicting historical tales, which were said to line the halls of Meduseld (the Hall of the King of Rohan), as well as descriptions of the banner of Rohan and Théoden's shield:

"They saw now that the pillars were richly carved, gleaming dully with gold and half-seen colours. Many woven cloths were hung upon the walls, and over their wide spaces marched figures of ancient legend, some dim with years, some darkling in the shade."

"A small shield he also took. It bore the running horse, white upon green, that was the emblem of the House of Eorl."

(All quotes from The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers)

Working with the idea of intertwining lines Zoe began to develop initial ideas around Celtic knot-work and a horse strong horse icon. Working with these essential elements, the layout proved to be something of a challenge and through many stages of development, actually resulting in a number of new patterns.

For instance, at this stage Zoe developed the Misty Mountains design: intended as a background for the horse, the design team realised that this would create something too busy and so it was separated out to become a stand-alone pattern.

Once the team finally arrived on a layout (settling on the interlocking shield-like formations, which reference the proud warrior tradition of the Rohirrim), Evonne developed these basic concepts into their final form, spending painstaking hours on the knotwork and adding the sun iconography.

Rohan The Mark

Rohan was also called The RiddermarkTM, or simply The Mark, hence our colourway name. The striking clay red, forest green and golden colours of Rohan The Mark were influenced by the descriptions of the banner of Rohan which was said to be a "white horse upon a field of green" combined with descriptions of the Hall of Meduseld, home of the King, which was said to glow with a golden hue.

This is the only version of the Rohan pattern to be released among these summertime additions to our Middle Earth Collection, woven to be strong and versatile, this wrap is perfect for all ages and wrapping abilities.
This classic blend of organic combed cotton & pure bamboo is finished using our new 'soft-touch' technique for a baby wrap which is cushy and soft, almost broken in straight from the bag. Our 'soft-touch' finishing technique is achieved using energy efficient, environmentally friendly technology without using any chemical softening agents to achieve an unparalleled softness.

Middle-earth, Rohan Rohirrim, Riddermark and The Lord of the Rings and the names of the characters, items, events, and places therein are trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company dba Middle-earth Enterprises and are used under license by Oscha Slings.


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