A Quick Guide to Summer Fabrics

baby carrying in the heat which fabrics to choose

Ice Cotton

Ice cotton is an innovative yarn that, through advanced spinning technology, makes a cool to touch and breathable fabric. It is made with 100% Supima cotton (the finest American Pima cotton) with no synthetic fibers, and is free from harmful chemicals.
Ice cotton’s unique cooling composition makes it perfect for summer carrying – we have an amazing range of low gsm wraps finished with our soft touch technique for the perfect summer weight wrap, ready to use straight from the bag. We suggest trying Zorro Camilla as a shorty this summer.

Zorro Camilla Baby Wrap


100% Organic Combed Cotton

Cotton is always a great all-rounder for any weather; it is soft, strong, breathable and easy to care for. Some of our favourites this summer season are Koi Fyne and Rei End of the Pier.

Rei End of the Pier Baby Wrap

Bamboo can be a great choice; it offers natural UV protection and is moisture-wicking. It is soft and feels cool against your skin.

Our pure bamboo wraps tend to be on the thicker side so we recommend a shorter wrap or ring sling for single layer carries in the heat. For a sophisticated, summery look try Paven Lily.
Try Orion Alexandra for our viscose bamboo, it is thinner and perfect for little ones (and bigger kids too with a multilayer carry).

Orion Alexandra Baby Wrap

At Oscha we love linen and offer a range of choices. It is a very popular blend for summer slings, being light and airy yet supportive, linen blends tend to do well in single layer carries.
For more information on our linens see our blog post.

We have a variety of linen blends to choose from, linen is a strong and breathable fabric and combined with other softer yarns it can make a great wrap for all ages. Choose a lower linen percentage for a breathable carry perfect for smaller kids, or a higher linen percentage for added strength and breathability: great for carrying all way through to toddlerhood.

Rive Nostalgia is a great high linen content wrap for summer, with organic combed cotton lending a little cush for the shoulders while the linen content makes this a great toddlerworthy wrap. Triskele Mor Sonata is a lovely option for a blend with less linen, those summery colours are sure to brighten your day.

Triskele Mor Sonata Baby Wrap

Wool is often underrated for hot weather and is mistakenly believed to be too warm to use. However, wool is great at regulating body temperatures and is naturally moisture-wicking making is perfect for carrying in the heat.
Our customers have told us that they enjoy using our thinner woollies for the heat. Try Croft Cocoon for some Boutique luxury this summer.

Croft Cocoon Baby Wrap

Many of our customers have told us they have found our silk blends wonderful for hot weather. Silk is temperature regulating and great for keeping cool this summer with its naturally breathable composition.
We currently have a range of silk blends in stock, which are easy to wrap with, offer great support and cush for children of any weight. We love the vibrancy of Braid Cairdean.

Braid Cairdean Baby Wrap

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