The Elemental Collection: Introducing Sonsie and Paven

Oscha woven baby wraps made in scotland

The Elemental Collection has taken inspiration from traditional Scottish textiles for a series of new & unique patterns, continuing with this theme is our newest addition: Sonsie. Based on the rich tradition of knitting in the northern isles, this pattern harnesses comforting motifs to create a pattern which evokes memories of cosy, woollen jumpers and windswept Sunday walks in the Scottish countryside.

The ‘Fair Isle’ style is now synonymous with a myriad of knitting styles found around the world, but the Scottish island communities from which this style originates have been knitting with this specific set of motifs for generations. Read more about our Fair Isle inspiration here.

Sonsie Heath

While Croft took inspiration from the iconic Fair Isle star, Sonsie takes the opportunity to highlight some of the lesser-known motifs in the Fair Isle canon. The deceptively simple repeating linear patterns reveal themselves, upon close inspection, to be a fabulously intricate series of traditional icons coming together to create a wonderfully homely,  yet refreshingly contemporary, pattern.

Sonsie Heath is woven on the last of our exclusive Elemental warps . Tones warmer than those found on our springtime sunrise warp flow across this organic combed cotton warp. Ballet pink runs through softer peach hues, transitioning through delicate grey-blue to richer sky tones ending in a vibrant turquoise blue.
The Elemental Collection has endeavoured to guide us from winter into spring, this warming wrap is the perfect end to a transition which started with our cool Amethyst Haze warp. Our springtime summer warp then featured a comforting fade which reminded the wearer of the bright mornings of early spring – here, however, we embrace springtime proper with warm wefts complementing this new, exclusive spring warp.

Paven Whisper

Also new to this Collection is a reworked version of the customer favourite, Hera. One of two developments inspired by Mary Sullivan’s classic peacock feather pattern, Paven features a gorgeous, intricate new take on the central motif. This new design takes the essence of Hera, translating the well-loved pattern into a new piece of beautiful woven art. Woven on our newest Elemental warp with the addition of an effervescent teal-blue, twisted weft yarn. This twisted hemp, wild silk and cotton weft yarn makes for an amazingly cushy wrap, the looser weave of this chunky yarn gives this medium weight wrap a wonderfully fluid drape with a lovely stretch – this is the perfect wrap to take you through the summer months.

This final spring warp from our Elemental Collection will also feature our Rei, Roses and Matrix designs – with a Boutique baby wrap being released in the Victoriana pattern. These releases, all woven on this organic combed cotton warp & with a dual hem, will be available over the next week – make sure you are following our Facebook page for updates.

Later towards the summer, we will be releasing a lightweight Lace on this warp – so watch out for more details on that in future Facebook posts.

We are also excited to announce that Tula has exclusively commissioned some classic Oscha designs on this warp for their wrap conversion carriers, these fabrics will only be available on their carriers – keep on eye on their page for more details!