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The star-crossed lovers come together at last

Hannah Eccles
Hannah Eccles
The star-crossed lovers come together at last

In May 2012 we listed one of our early Collections - 3 different patterns all woven in ecru on a deep purple warp, we called the wraps and ring slings 'Juliet'. Here we provide some insight into the Collection journey and development over the past four years, up to our current designs.

Japanese Knot Juliet and Rei Romeo, 2013

Later the following year we decided to expand on the theme and created a 'Romeo' warp of deep, slate blue. We added in different colour weft yarns to each warp and named the new colourways according to Romeo & Juliet's friends and family, anything on the Juliet warp would have a name relating to House Capulet, and anything from the Romeo warp relating to House Montague.

Roses Capulet and Orion Montague

We got in on the drama somewhat and had some fun photoshoots too!


This year we've decided to further develop the Collection and have blended both colourways to create a new 'Star-Crossed Lovers' warp - one rail in the Juliet colours, the opposite in Romeo, with a fade in between. You'll also see some of the beautiful weft colours featuring again, now across this fade, for instance the Montague blue in 'Roses by any other name?'! Oh and all of the names in this collection include quotes from the play itself!

Roses by any other name

We'll be breaking the Collection up with some beautiful sea fade wraps to be added into the Coastal Collection.

For a while, we had been planning on making a deep blue/turquoise fade and were prompted to go ahead with this when the lovely folk from the Oscha Sea, Cloud & Heavens Facebook group got in touch with their vision of an ocean gradation. The group all have their own exclusive wraps and now we are ready to share the other items woven from this warp. This includes a few special wraps with a fade along the weft in different colours to the warp.  We've also added some warm colours to contrast with the cool, refreshing blues to take you through the summer.