Top 10 Reasons To Use A Baby Sling This Christmas

Using a woven baby wrap back carry at Christmas

The holidays are upon us! Soon, the sights and sounds of the season will fill our hearts and homes. Excitement is in the air as we prepare to attend and host holiday events. Calendars are filling with family dinners, office parties and evenings out with friends. Oscha model, Jenna, takes a look at how a woven baby wrap can help during the busy festive period.

“Woven wraps are a wonderful addition to any holiday celebration. They allow us to keep our little ones close and comforted during the hustle and bustle at a time when schedules are off and excitement is high while providing a beautiful festive touch to our holiday looks. Read on for my top 10 reasons to use a baby sling this Christmas …”

1: Make Food Prep Effortless

Food preparations usually play a large part in hosting a holiday event, and can be very stressful. Choosing an easy-care machine washable wrap allows your little one the comfort of being close while providing you with peace of mind while in the kitchen.

Christmas table decorating

2: Keep Little One’s Cosy In Unfamiliar Environments

Woven wraps provide security and comfort for little ones and caregivers. Avoiding overstimulation while remaining close can ease the anxieties of unfamiliar faces and places.

Alchemy Earth Baby Wrap

3: Accent Your Favourite Outfit with a Woven Sling

A woven baby wrap is just the thing to liven up your favourite, classic outfit. When making wardrobe selections save time and expense by skipping the shops and using your beautiful woven sling as the perfect accent to make your go-to party dress look brand new!

Phaise Bewitch Baby Wrap

4:  A Pre-tied Carry or Ring Sling is Perfect for Quick Ups & Downs

Bringing your little one to the holiday office party? Keep them close and content with a lovely woven wrap or sling. When selecting a carry; something pre-tied such as the front wrap cross carry, or a ring sling can be helpful. Allowing for quick ups and downs, and being easily adjustable for nursing mothers.

Starry Night Midnight Ring Sling

5: You Can Choose a Blend to Keep You Both Comfy

When selecting a woven wrap for your event keep fibre in mind. Will the event be held indoors? Will you be wearing a wool sweater, satin dress, or linen suit? All things to consider when deciding which baby sling will keep you and your little one most comfortable throughout the party.

Wool blends are much loved here; wonderfully snuggly and very temperature regulating for any location.

Orion Eros Cairis Carrier

6: Slings Allow You to Maintain Routine During The Holidays

Keeping to schedules can be extremely difficult during such a busy season. Wearing provides the opportunity for your little one to rest when and wherever needed while giving you the flexibility to enjoy holiday events.

Doors of Durin Narvi Baby Wrap

7: Make Your Carry the Focus with a New Fancy Finish

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to try a new carry? Try a fancy finish for little extra festive glamour. Nothing says happy holidays more than a statement piece!

Lothlórien Under the Boughs Baby Wrap

8: Keeping Kids Close Reduces the Risk of Sniffles

Keeping little ones close can lessen tiny hands from exposure to potential germ bugs. Giving you peace of mind when attending group events, during the cold & flu season.

Doors of Durin Mellon Baby Wrap

9: A Sling is a Wonderfully Versatile Accessory

When selecting a woven wrap for your holiday event consider a shawl or shorter size. They double as lovely blankets when your little one is napping, or as a scarf, or shawl for yourself when they want to join in the fun!

10: Feel the confidence and comfort wearing brings

Enjoy special moments together knowing your little ones needs are being met while making holiday memories to last a lifetime.

Zorro Candlelight Baby Wrap