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What's The Difference? Coorie & Cairis Carriers

Hannah Eccles
Hannah Eccles
What's The Difference? Coorie & Cairis Carriers

Lots of our customers have been asking about some of the differences between the Coorie and Cairis carriers. Below is a comparison of the unique elements to each carrier.

Both carriers have been inspired by the traditional Mei-Tai. The main difference between them is the waist belt and shoulder straps. The Cairis has a padded waist belt with a buckle fastening and padded shoulder straps. The Coorie has a pleated waist belt with a ring fastening and carefully pleated shoulder straps with light padding. Both Carriers have been hand crafted in Scotland by highly skilled seamstresses. Read on for more details and info to help you choose.

Coorie on the left. Cairis on the right

Coorie Ring Waist:
The flattering & unique Coorie waist  is formed using the same intricate pleating used in Oscha original Highland Pleat Ring Slings. It has been crafted from a full wrap width of jacquard sling fabric (approx. 70cm), the pleating flows around your waist and then flairs out after 70cm, which leaves you with a flattering, comfy waistband and a gorgeous 'swishy' tail. It truly is the most elegant way to wear your baby in an SSC!

Coorie Waist Detail

Cairis Buckle Waist:
The innovative and comfy waistband of the Cairis features a padded tongue that extends under the buckle and webbing - this ensures there is no digging in at the waist and helps to distribute the weight of your little one evenly. It is simple, effective and lightweight.

Cairis Waist Detail

Shoulder Straps:
Just as the Coorie has pleated waist straps and the Cairis has padded, the same goes for the shoulder straps.
The Coorie utilises intricate pleats to create a soft, mouldable strap, with only light padding used. The Cairis has additional padding, whilst maintaining flexiblity. The straps of both carriers then flare out so you can spread the fabric under baby's bum for extra support.

Coorie on the left. Cairis on the right

Hoods & Body Panel:
The Coorie hood is attached to the main body of the carrier so that you can seamlessly tie it in place when your child sleeps as extra head support.  We have provided little ties to give you the option of rolling it away when it's not in use, which also adds a touch of style. The body panel is contoured and features 'legs out' padding for your baby's comfort.

The Cairis hood is fully detachable; it can be fastened with handy poppers for when your baby falls asleep. The Baby Cairis has a simple panel without padding at the back of the waist and the carrier comes with our 'Cynch' accessory - these two features mean the body can be rolled and the width adjusted to perfectly fit young and growing babies. The Toddler Cairis has a contoured body, padding all the way round the waist, and 'legs out' padding to make it ideal for carrying bigger children.

Both the Cairis and Coorie hoods are carefully pattern-matched to the body panels.

Coorie on the left, Cairis on the right

Both of our carriers come in Baby and Toddler sizes. The Baby Cairis can be used from birth as it comes with a 'Cynch' to narrow the seat width, whereas the Baby Coorie can be used from 15lb. For more information on sizing, visit the Coorie & Cairis pages on our website.

Which choice is best for me?
Choose the Coorie for a beautifully tailored and elegant Carrier. The pleat-work on the Coorie takes hours to construct but it's worth it for the natural padding created by the layers of jacquard woven fabric - comfortable and luxurious.

Choose the Cairis for a stylishly simple, quick-to-use and lightweight carrier. Deceptively appearing like a simple buckle carrier, each of the elements have been carefully considered and engineered to bring the beauty of the woven fabric through, ensuring easy comfort and perfect tailoring. The Cairis is also perfect for travelling as it packs up nice and small.

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