Winter Solstice Collection

Hannah Eccles
Winter Solstice Collection by Oscha Woven Wraps Scotland

As the nights draw in and there is a coolness in the air we are re-visiting our Winter Solstice collection, which always gets us excited about cosy nights in by the fire and spending time with family and friends. The colours in this Collection celebrate this time of ice, frost and long, crystal clear nights, as well as the joy that even in the midst of this darkest time there is celebration where symbols of warmth, light and life are brought into the home in the knowledge that from this point we will begin to move back towards the sun.

You can see our new seven colour ‘Noel’ warp in the images here which is made up of smooth fades between rich reds, burgundies, greens and teals. The colours pop and shine in different ways depending on which weft we have chosen to weave through the designs. We have enjoyed playing with colour, light and pattern throughout this collection.