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How to Choose a Ring Sling

Choosing a Ring Sling is easy, this page will guide you through selecting a shoulder style and fabric composition for your first baby sling.

The most important thing to remember?
Choose something you love!

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Which Style of Ring Sling is Best for Me?

When choosing an Oscha Ring Sling you have two decisions to make: Highland Pleat or Gathered shoulder style, and do you want to carry on your left or right shoulder?

Highland Pleat or Gathered?

Highland Pleat: The unique Oscha Highland Pleated shoulder ring sling ensures even distribution of weight and a streamlined aesthetic. The material is folded and stitched into the pleated shoulder, this means the fabric takes up less space on your shoulder. 

Gathered: The Gathered shoulder ring sling is widely used in the babywearing community. A tried and tested favourite, this style is less structured than the Pleated shoulder meaning it is worn pulled down over your shoulder.

How Do You Choose?

The main difference between the two styles is how the fabric sits on and around your shoulder. The Highland Pleat shoulder has a little more padding and takes up less space on your shoulder, while the Gathered shoulder takes up more space and can be spread right down your arm.

While the Pleated shoulder gives much more freedom of movement, the Gathered shoulder allows you to spread the fabric more, which some people find more comfortable.

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Left or Right Shoulder?

As ring slings are worn on one shoulder, so sometimes you will see an option for a left or right shoulder sling. ‘Left or right shoulder’ refers to the position of the rings on your shoulder, your baby will sit on the opposite hip.

Do I need a left or right shoulder ring sling?

Most wearers will prefer to carry their little one on the hip which they natural pop them onto when not wearing a sling. This means if you want to carry your baby on your right hip, you would need to choose a left-handed ring sling.

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What Fabric Composition is Best for New Wrappers?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a ring sling is, do you love it? It seems like a simple question but if you love the colours and pattern you're more likely to use it, and the more you use it the quicker you will perfect your favourite carry.

You might have seen people talking about the fabric composition of their baby sling, this is sometimes useful to consider as it will determine how easy it is to work with the fabric. The different yarns used in a fabric can change the wrapping qualities of a sling a lot, however, most of these qualities will become more important as your little one grows and your needs change.

All our fabrics are weight tested up to 45lbs (or about 5 years old).

Learn More About Choosing a Fabric

There are many yarns which will be comfy to use for the whole of your babywearing journey, including our easy to use & newbie-friendly yarns listed below. Our Classics were designed with new wrappers in mind so that can also be a great place to start.

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Our Favourite Yarns for New Wrappers

100% Organic Cotton
A soft and easy care yarn which is perfect for new wrappers organic cotton is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land and farmers healthy, as well as ensuring our fabrics are gentle on delicate skin.

Fine Scottish Wetspun Linen
This thin linen yarn brings the strength associated with linen, but being a finer yarn makes for a mouldable, breathable and soft baby sling.

Low impact and produced from sustainably sourced tree fibres using a closed-loop system. Tencel is a great, ethical alternative to cotton and offers silky softness and strength.

Superwash Wool
Superwash wool is an easy-care wool yarn which gives a lovely woolie softness and support, being thin in hand makes these baby slings wonderfully mouldable.

Wild Silk
Wild silk is a wonderful yarn for new wrappers, light and malleable it gives breathability and strength while being easy to wrap with.

Don't see your favourite sling's yarn listed here? Don't worry! It is worth remembering that you can't really make a bad choice, as almost all of Oscha baby wraps and ring slings are suitable for use with little babies. These are just a few of our favourite yarns which for new parents, and new wrappers.

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Why Choose Oscha?

Founded by mum Zoe, Oscha began when her love for wrapping became a day to day life-saver after her twin boys were born just 16 months after her daughter. With a passion for slings and for design, Zoe's vision of a wrap company which offers parents elegant, colourful baby carriers quickly became a reality. Zoe and the Oscha team continue to design unique woven patterns and use innovative weaving techniques to make baby carrying a beautiful and comfortable experience for all. Read the full Oscha Story.

Oscha is a carbon-neutral company and our baby carriers are made with zero-waste. Our fabrics are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns before they are lovingly handcrafted into slings in our solar-powered Scottish workshop. Plus, each sling sold contributes to our growing Oscha grove which is helping to reforest the Scottish Highlands. Read more about our ethics.

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