What is a Cairis Carrier?

Simple & stylish, the Cairis is a lightweight, easy-to-use half-buckle carrier. It features a padded waistband
with a buckle fastening and ‘wrap shoulder straps’ which provide adjustability, comfort and support.
With the Cairis baby and toddler carriers, it’s quick and easy to carry your child on your front or back.

Comfort and Support

The Cairis features our unique Strata-linea® waistband, which prevents digging in at the waist & avoids any discomfort from the buckle. Our specially developed ‘wrap straps’: padded shoulder straps that fan out, provide cushioning over your shoulders and allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

Healthy Hips

The Oscha Cairis has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product, this means it will hold your child in the ‘M’ position which is optimum for hip development.

Choosing a Size

The Cairis carrier is available in two sizes, each with unique features to suit your child as they grow.

  • Baby Size

    The baby Cairis is highly adjustable and suitable for carrying from newborn up to around 30 months old, at which point the toddler Cairis becomes more comfortable.

  • Toddler Size

    Extra padding has been added to the waist band of the toddler Cairis for additional lumbar support. The body panel has seat darts & ‘legs out padding’, contouring a larger child’s shape & aiding comfort. Suitable from 2-5 years.

Baby Cairis: Room to Grow

The baby Cairis is carefully designed to adjust around your baby as they grow –
meaning the baby Cairis is comfy and safe from newborn to around 30 months.

  • Height Adjustment

    The fully reversible waistline has no stiff foam and can be rolled to adjust the height of the sling. This is particularly useful when carrying a newborn.

  • Width Adjustment

    Use the ‘Cynch’ provided with your Cairis to create the correct panel width for your baby, it should be from knee pit to knee pit to support their natural position.

Using The Cairis

  Cairis Carrier Coorie Carrier Baby Wrap Ring Sling
Carrying Position
Front Carry
Back Carry
Hip Carry
Highlights Simple to use
Padded buckle waist
Highly adjustable
Quick to use
Size 20" - 58" waist 20" - 58" waist Wraps can be worn by any size, where length of wrap determines the type of carries possible. one size fits all
Ease of Use
Baby Size 8-45lbs*† 15-45lbs† 8-45lbs* 8-45lbs*
Suitable for Newborn
Suitable for Breast-feeding
Detachable Hood
Price Range from £166.00 from £279.00 from £87.00 from £87.00

Cairis Accessories

  • Detachable Hoods

    All of our Cairis carriers come with a detachable hood which provides head support for sleeping children.

  • Cynchs

    This can be used to narrow the seat of the carrier. A Cynch is included in baby Cairis, but can be purchased separately for use with the toddler size.

  • Strap Protectors

    Strap protectors fasten around the shoulder straps to protect them from little mouths and extend the life of your carrier. These are sold separately.

Once Your New Cairis Carrier is Home ...

  • Care

    Oscha carriers are made from the highest quality yarns, but as with any jacquard woven textiles, a little bit of care is required to keep your Cairis happy. Spot clean your Oscha carrier and hang to dry where possible.

  • Safety

    Carriers have many benefits when used correctly, so follow our simple safety guide to get the most out of your Cairis. Always make sure your baby's well supported in the sling without allowing their chin to rest on their chest. Learn more about carrying safely.

Why Choose Oscha?

We use unique patterns and weaving techniques to make baby carrying a beautiful & comfortable experience for all. Our slings are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland. Learn more about why Oscha is the best choice for ethically made baby carriers.