What is a Nook carrier?

The Nook is a full buckle carrier which offers you ease of use, along with all the comfort of a woven sling.
The padded & contoured Continuum Straps fit perfectly on the shoulders while mimicking the support
of a woven wrap carry for even and comfortable weight distribution when carrying on the front or back.

Comfort and Support

The Nook features our unique Strata-linea® waistband, which prevents digging in at the waist & avoids any discomfort from the buckle. Our specially developed Continuum straps are padded and contoured to provide comfort by fitting snuggly on your shoulders. Our unique, Continuum straps form a continuous loop under your little ones bum and over your shoulders when in use, spreading your little one’s weight evenly by mimicking the support of a woven wrap.

Choosing a Size

The Nook carrier is available in two sizes, each with unique features to suit your child as they grow.

  • Encompass

    The only carrier you will need from newborn through to about 2.5 years, the Nook Encompass is the ultimate baby to toddler carrier. An in-built cinch means the width of the carrier can be easily adjusted to suit your little one as they grow.

  • Evolve

    Our Pre-schooler carrier, the Nook Evolve, is perfect for those who want to carry for longer. The Evolve will fit your child from about 2 - 6 years old, with two in-built cinches used to adjust the hight and width of the body panel as your child grows.

Nook Encompass: One carrier for newborn to toddler

The Nook Encompass has been carefully designed to be comfy and safe from newborn to toddlerhood.
If you are looking for just one carrier this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Width Adjustment

    An in-built cinch makes this carrier suitable for newborns, and allows it to extend to fit a toddler with no extra parts or inserts.

  • Soft & Mouldable

    Malleable and soft, our UK woven fabric means our carrier is able to mould to your little ones body to give support without any uncomfortable, structured elements.

Nook Evolve: Design to grow with your toddler

The Nook Evolve had been designed to grow with your little one as they move from toddlerhood to pre-schooler age.
The Evolve is ideal for those parents wanting to carrying their toddlers close.

  • Height Adjustment

    In-built cinches in the sides of the carrier allow you to reduce the height of the carrier to give your young toddler a safe and comfy carry.

  • Width Adjustment

    In-built cinches above the Strata-linea waistband allow you to narrow the width of the panel to ensure your little one is knee-to-knee and in the optimum position for their size.

Using the Nook