Sling Library & Consultant Support

Sling Library & Consultant Support

Community support

One of our aims at Oscha is to support the promotion of babywearing, and to acknowledge the incredible and dedicated work undertaken worldwide by professionals, volunteers, parents and others passionate about highlighting the benefits of carrying your child in a sling.

To help in this endeavour, we offer schemes and incentives for Sling Libraries, Babywearing Consultants, Doulas and Midwives, which include the opportunity to purchase discounted wraps, ring slings and carriers. We also offer free resources – from safety literature, to our art inspired babywearing benefits campaign posters, and offer promotions through our Communities Newsletter.

For more information about our Community Support Schemes, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss what we can offer to support you.

What are Sling Libraries and Babywearing Consultants and How Do I Find Them?

Sling Libraries offer the chance to meet other parents and carers, talk with experienced babywearers and try out different carrier styles to find the right sling for you and your child. These groups are informal and relaxed, and very welcoming of newcomers!

Professional Babywearing Consultants are trained to provide one to one advice and support centred around your babywearing needs. Appointments can be made for a consultation where you can discuss any specific concerns or learn how to carry your child with confidence.

If you are looking for information about your nearest Sling Library or Babywearing Consultant:

  • You can visit Babywearing International for a list of their Sling Groups (known as 'Chapters') both within the US and beyond
  • This resource at The Sling Pages provides an interactive map of the UK highlighting sling libraries and consultants
  • You can contact us to find out about Sling Libraries and Consultants in your area who are part of the Oscha Communities Scheme.