What is a Coorie?

The Coorie is luxury baby-carrying at its best. This innovative Meh Dai style Soft Structured Carrier is easy to use, elegant & feels as snug & fitted as a woven wrap. The Coorie is painstakingly made by highly skilled seamstresses in our Scottish studio.

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Comfort and Support

The Oscha Coorie is an elegant hybrid between a woven wrap & a carrier, the wide flowing straps allow you to use the same fancy finishes we all love from woven wraps, while the ring fastening on the waist makes the Coorie infinitely adjustable, with a stylish swishy tail. Read on to discover the many benefits using a Coorie can provide.

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Choosing a Size

The Coorie baby carrier is available in 2 sizes, each with unique features to suit your child as they grow.


The baby coorie is suitable for carrying a baby weighing 15lbs all the way up to 45lbs, however, at around 30 months old the toddler coorie becomes more comfortable.


The Toddler Coorie is suitable from 25lbs - 45lbs, with the addition of leg padding on the body panel to prevent digging for older children.

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Healthy Hips

The Oscha Coorie has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product, this means it will hold your child in the ‘M’ position which is optimum for hip development.

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Ring Tie Waist

The waist is crafted from a full-wrap-width band of fabric (approx. 60cm), tailored into intricate pleats. This provides comfort, prevents digging and gives a flattering silhouette. Secured by sling rings, the waist can be adjusted both along the length and also across the width for optimum support & comfort.

Pleated Flair Shoulder Straps

Slightly padded on the shoulder straps, the pleat work gives a neat yet mouldable cushioning to your shoulder. The straps, flare out to half-wrap-width (approx 30cm), allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

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How to Use a Coorie Carrier

With the Coorie baby carrier it's quick and easy to carry your child on your front or back.

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How to Buy

The majority of our limited edition Coorie’s are sold via made-to-order slots announced regularly on our Facebook page, one day ahead of release. Follow us for updates on upcoming Coorie slots or shop in-stock Coories now.

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Comparison Chart

  Cairis Carrier Coorie Carrier Baby Wrap Ring Sling
Carrying Position
Front Carry
Back Carry
Hip Carry
Highlights Simple to use
Padded buckle waist
Highly adjustable
Quick to use
Size 20" - 58" waist 20" - 58" waist Wraps can be worn by any size, where length of wrap determines the type of carries possible. one size fits all
Ease of Use
Baby Size 8-45lbs*† 15-45lbs† 8-45lbs* 8-45lbs*
Suitable for Newborn
Suitable for Breast-feeding
Detachable Hood
Price Range from $227.25 from $381.95 from $119.10 from $119.10

* Can be used with lower weight and premature babies after seeking advice from a health care professional.
† Carrier available in 2 sizes, baby (suitable from 0-2 years) and toddler (suitable from 2-5 years).

Further Reading

Care Guide

Oscha Coorie are robust & made from the highest quality yarns we can find, but as with any jacquard woven textiles, a little bit of care is required to keep your carrier happy. Spot clean your Oscha carrier and hang to dry where possible.

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Safety Guide

Using a carrier has many benefits if used correctly, so follow our simple guide to get the most out of your sling. Make sure your baby's well supported in the sling without allowing their chin to rest on their chest. Ensure mouth and nose are clear.

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Our Mission

We use unique patterns and weaving techniques to make baby carrying a beautiful & comfortable experience for all. Our slings are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland.

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Clan Oscha

A place to chat, ask questions, exchange ideas and help us to create more beautiful products for you and your little one to enjoy. Meet the Clan on Facebook.

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