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What is a Ring Sling?

Oscha Ring slings are crafted from our specially woven sling fabric and feature our unique hand drawn designs. The sling is secured on the shoulder through a set of safety tested rings. Comfortable, and quick to use, they have a low learning curve and are ideal for children who like to be up and down often. All our fabrics weight test up to 45lbs (or about 5 years old).

Read on to find out more about what an Oscha Ring Sling is, what makes them so special and how to use a woven Ring Sling.

✔ Ergonomic Position

✔ Comfy and Simple to Use

✔ Quick Ups and Downs

A Simple Sling for Newborns and Toddlers

Once you have learned to set up the ring shoulder, Oscha Ring Slings are a wonderfully simple carrier to put on. Lightweight & packing up small, they are an amazing tool for the busy parent. Ring slings are suitable from birth through to toddlerhood.

The way our specially developed wrap fabric moulds to your body shape and evenly distributes your child’s weight makes carrying them close a in a ring sling a wonderfully comfortable experience. Ring slings are easily shared by both parents, as they can be loosened and tightened again and again with no need to re-thread the slings each time.

The elegant style of an Oscha ring sling is wonderful for special occasions such as christenings and weddings.

Newborns can be carried for longer periods on the front and as they grow you can transition them to your hip for a comfier carrying experience. As your little one gets heavier you might find ring slings are a little less comfortable for longer carries. However, if you have an active toddler who likes to be up and down often then ring slings are a great choice for you as they are quick and easy to retighten often.

Note: Our ring slings are suitable for newborns weighing 8lbs+ and can be used with even smaller babies after seeking the advice of a healthcare professional.

Healthy Hips

The Oscha ring slings have been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product, this means it will hold your child in the ‘M’ position which is optimum for hip development.

What makes Oscha's Ring Slings so special?

Woven baby sling fabric is our speciality here at Oscha. We work exclusively with a renowned Lancashire Mill and over the last 10 years, we have carefully developed our fabric so it is perfect for babywearing. We continue to experiment, so we can find the best ethical and organic yarns to create a baby wrap that is soft, strong and supportive.

Creating bespoke designs, tailored for baby slings, is our great joy and we spend a great deal of time focusing in on the optimum combinations of pattern, colour and yarn to create the most beautiful and comfortable baby slings in the world.

Discover the Benefits of Babywearing

Here Hannah uses a Baby Wrap but the benefits are the same with a Ring Sling.

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Learning to Use a Ring Sling

Using a sling can look intimidating, the length of fabric and rings might look confusing at first, but you'll be surprised how quickly you and your little one will be snuggled up in your sling.

Ring slings are most commonly used for hip and front carries, although back carries with toddlers are possible.

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Top tips for Ring Sling comfort

Unique Shoulder Constructions

What does Pleated or Gathered mean?

Highland Pleat: The unique Oscha Highland Pleated shoulder ring sling ensures even distribution of weight and a streamlined aesthetic. The material is folded and stitched into the pleated shoulder, this means the fabric takes up less space on your shoulder. 

Gathered: The Gathered shoulder ring sling is widely used in the babywearing community. A tried and tested favourite, this style is less structured than the Pleated shoulder meaning it is worn pulled down over your shoulder.

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Breastfeeding in a Ring Sling

You can breastfeed safely and comfortably in all Oscha wraps, ring slings and carriers.

Why Choose Oscha?

Founded by mum Zoe, Oscha began when her love for wrapping became a day to day life-saver after her twin boys were born just 16 months after her daughter. With a passion for slings and for design, Zoe's vision of a wrap company which offers parents elegant, colourful baby carriers quickly became a reality. Zoe and the Oscha team continue to design unique woven patterns and use innovative weaving techniques to make baby carrying a beautiful and comfortable experience for all. Read the full Oscha Story.

Oscha is a carbon-neutral company and our baby carriers are made with zero-waste. Our fabrics are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns before they are lovingly handcrafted into slings in our solar-powered Scottish workshop. Plus, each sling sold contributes to our growing Oscha grove which is helping to reforest the Scottish Highlands. Read more about our ethics.

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