Coorie Carriers

Coorie Carriers

The Coorie is luxury babywearing at its best. Made from stunning woven fabric, it’s an easy to use, innovative Meh Dai style carrier that's snug and fitted.

The Coorie is the perfect mid-way between a wrap and a carrier. Luxurious and painstakingly made in-house: the Coorie features our unique pleat-work on the waist band and on the shoulder straps.

The waist is crafted from a full-wrap-width band of fabric (approx. 60cm), tailored into intricate pleats. This provides comfort, prevents digging and gives a flattering silhouette. Secured by sling rings, the waist can be adjusted both along the length and also across the width for optimum support & comfort.

Slightly padded on the shoulder straps, the pleat work gives a neat yet mouldable cushioning to your shoulder. The straps, flare out to half-wrap-width (approx 30cm), allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

The carrier body is shaped to provide an ergonomic seat for your child and comes with leg padding to prevent digging. The hood (for extra head support if your child falls asleep) rolls away for convenience and also offers extra padding and neck support for your child.

The wide flowing straps allow you to use the same fancy finishes we all love in our wraps, while the ring fastening on the waist makes the Coorie infinitely adjustable, with a stylish swishy tail.

This is a carrier which feels and looks like a wrap, but has the ease of a soft structured carrier. Taking a whole day to make, this is a gorgeous piece of woven art for your family to treasure.

The majority of our limited edition Coorie’s are sold via made-to-order slots announced on our Facebook page a day ahead of release. Follow us for updates on upcoming Coorie slots.

The Coorie meets safety standards (conforming to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14) It is made from responsibly sourced yarns which have been woven in the UK & is created in our Scottish workshop.
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