Eco Bags

Eco Bags

Oscha Eco Bags are a sustainable product that are ethically hand-made, each is screen-printed with a piece of original Oscha artwork. Now you can feel good and look stylish when reusing your Oscha designer bag for life!

Printed with original Oscha artwork in a range of colours, each Eco Bag replaces the need for more than 600 disposable bags. 10% of the profits from each purchase will be donated to Trees for Life, a local charity who are working to re-plant the ancient Caledonian forest.

Jute is a naturally sustainable textile - the plant has a short growth cycle, requires no pesticides or fertilisers and no GM crops are involved, as well as little or no irrigation.

We have opted for luxury bags with a juco (75% jute, 25% cotton) front panel, which provides a finer weave to display the unique patterns.

All bags are handmade in a factory that is accredited & award winning for its ethical practices. It is regularly independently audited at all stages of production and sourcing to ensure safe, fair working conditions and environmental standards are maintained. Where possible we opt to have the bags printed in the UK to support the local economy.

Please note that there may be inconsistencies in the print which is to be expected in a hand printed product.
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