Blossom Cally Baby Wrap

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Woven on our Loch fade which runs from indigo through fresh blues into a central muted turquoise and back out to indigo, the falling flowers of our Blossom pattern are picked out by a soft, baby pink weft creating a gorgeous contrast on this stunning wrap.

Woven from organic combed cotton, wild silk and cotton and finished using our soft-touch technique this wrap comes broken in straight from the bag. Cushy and soft, with a delicate strength coming from the wild silk, this wrap has a beautiful drape and will be perfect for all ages. Wild silk is well loved by our customers as a breathable, summer wrap.

56% organic combed cotton, 22% wild silk, 22% cotton, 253 gsm, 66cm wide.


  • Silk
  • Organic Cotton
Product Information

Care instructions: Hand washing is recommended, although a silk cycle on a known reliable machine may be used at your own risk. Use a suitable silk detergent. Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and iron on a cool setting.

Fabric composition: 56% organic combed cotton, 22% wild silk, 22% cotton.

Fabric weight: 253gsm approx.

Size Guide Your choice of wrap will depend on the type of carries you intend/prefer to use and your size and height.

A size 6 wrap is a good choice for a general use sling, which is suitable for most sizes and carries. If you have very long tails in certain carries just wrap them around your body again and tie off.

If you are buying a wrap to share and are unsure which size to buy, it is generally recommended to buy with the main user in mind. If you are carrying a toddler as opposed to a baby, you may need a slightly longer sling.

For more information, please refer to our sizing chart.
About Baby Wraps Oscha woven wraps create the most tailored, comfortable & snug fit for carrying your little one: from birth, through toddlerhood and beyond. They distribute your child’s weight evenly, making for a continually comfortable experience.

Our Woven baby wraps can be tailored specially to meet the needs of you and your little one as it is infinitely adjustable. You can carry your child on your front, back and hip: in each one of these positions there is a myriad of choices about the kind of carry that will best suit you both (see Carrying Instructions for more).

While a baby wrap may seem daunting to first time users you will be amazed at the simplicity of many carries and the speed at which you pick up this fantastic skill. Soon you will be dazzling friends and family with your ability to wrap up and soothe your child with ease.

Oscha’s unique patterns and continual experimentations with weaving techniques ensures baby carrying is always a beautiful and comfortable experience for parent and child.

Oscha wraps are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland.

Oscha baby wraps will soften wonderfully with love and wear, and come packaged in a handy tote.*

*For the Mithril Collection please see About Mithril for packaging details.
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I'm so glad I discovered your company, every interaction I've had with you so far has been extremely pleasant, and your wraps and ring slings are amazing. Thank you!

C Alsing

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