Orion Skara Brae Baby Wrap

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A light and breezy Orion on the beach fade woven in a supportive blend of 50% hemp, 20% organic linen and 30% organic combed cotton, approx 233gsm.


  • Linen
  • Hemp
  • Organic Cotton
Product Information

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Hot iron.

Fabric composition: 50% hemp, 20% organic linen, 30% organic combed cotton.

Fabric weight: 233gsm approx.

Size Guide Your choice of wrap will depend on the type of carries you intend/prefer to use and your size and height.

A size 6 wrap is a good choice for a general use sling, which is suitable for most sizes and carries. If you have very long tails in certain carries just wrap them around your body again and tie off.

If you are buying a wrap to share and are unsure which size to buy, it is generally recommended to buy with the main user in mind. If you are carrying a toddler as opposed to a baby, you may need a slightly longer sling.

For more information, please refer to our sizing chart.

We quality check and grade all our products, as some have inevitable weaving flaws. A grade one wrap will be free of flaws, a grade two will have a few flaws which are only apparent when looking carefully for them. Grade three products have flaws which, whilst not compromising the safety or integrity of the wrap, will be somewhat more apparent.

Dyed wraps and ring sling second and third grade flaws normally relate to imperfections in the hand dye finish...odd small splashes, or slightly blotchy finish.

Please note that 50% linen wraps may have small irregularities such as nubs and slubs or slightly uneven thread - this is the natural texture of linen yarn. Any slings in 20% linen may have small dark spots on them, again this is the result of the natural linen fibre blended with the cotton in the warp yarn and is totally normal.

Slight movement of threads within a pattern is perfectly normal with any woven fabric.

About Baby Wraps Oscha woven wraps create the most tailored, comfortable & snug fit for carrying your little one: from birth, through toddlerhood and beyond. They distribute your child’s weight evenly, making for a continually comfortable experience.

Our Woven baby wraps can be tailored specially to meet the needs of you and your little one as it is infinitely adjustable. You can carry your child on your front, back and hip: in each one of these positions there is a myriad of choices about the kind of carry that will best suit you both (see Carrying Instructions for more).

While a baby wrap may seem daunting to first time users you will be amazed at the simplicity of many carries and the speed at which you pick up this fantastic skill. Soon you will be dazzling friends and family with your ability to wrap up and soothe your child with ease.

Oscha’s unique patterns and continual experimentations with weaving techniques ensures baby carrying is always a beautiful and comfortable experience for parent and child.

Oscha wraps are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland.

Oscha baby wraps will soften wonderfully with love and wear, and come packaged in a handy tote.*

*For the Mithril Collection please see About Mithril for packaging details.
Delivery & Returns
Destination Timeframe Delivery cost*
U.K. Mainland 2 working days $4.05
European Union 7 working days $6.75
Rest of World 14 working days $10.80

* Smaller/lighter items may have a lower cost.

For more information and our returns policy, please visit shipping & returns.


My all-time favourite wrap company! Gorgeous designs, high quality fibres, and amazing customer service. I love wrapping my babies in Oscha wraps!

Megan C

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