Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sling Should I Choose?

Using a baby sling to carry your little has many benefits for parent and child. Carrying your child in a baby sling supports bonding and attachment, as well as aiding mental and emotional development. Find out more about the benefits of babywearing.

Founded by mum Zoe, Oscha began when her love for wrapping became a day to day life-saver after her twin boys were born just 16 months after her daughter. Here at Oscha we want to share our passion for baby carrying, and all its proven benefits, through our ethically made baby slings.

Our eco-friendly fabrics are designed in-house before being woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns. Oscha baby carriers are lovingly handcrafted in our solar-powered Scottish workshop with zero-waste and each sling sold contributes to our growing Oscha grove which is helping to reforest the Scottish Highlands. Find out more about Oscha.

Soft and mouldable baby wrapsring slings and ergonomic baby carriers are perfect for meeting a newborn’s need for closeness and contact. We suggest choosing a fabric you love in the style that most appeals to you, as you are more likely to use it if you love it! Read our guide for more information on choosing a sling for a newborn.

Still not sure? Try messaging us using our online chat function or emailing us on [email protected] for personal advice from a Sling Consultant.

Supportive baby wraps, ring slings and ergonomic baby carriers are all suitable for use with toddlers and bigger kids. Woven wraps provide the versatility to change your carry depending on your needs and provide the most comfortable carries as they mould easily around you and your little one. Ring slings are great for restless toddlers who want to be up and down often. Our toddler carriers are also a great choice, especially if you are carrying for long periods and need something quick to ‘snap-on’. Learn more about choosing a sling for a toddler.

Still not sure? Try messaging us using our online chat function or emailing us on [email protected] for personal advice from a Sling Consultant.

When choosing a baby carrier for the summer and hot weather conditions there are just a few simple things to consider. We suggest choosing a thinner, more breathable fabric construction as well as considering which type of carrier to use. Wraps used with simple, single layer carries can be great, while ring slings and baby carriers allow airflow which helps keep you cool. Read more about choosing a sling for hot weather.

Our fades of colour and some of our patterns are directional, meaning the slings have a top and a bottom. If this is the case, you will be given a ‘left shoulder’ or ‘right shoulder’ option. ‘Left or right shoulder’ refers to the position of the rings on your shoulder, if you choose a left shoulder sling the rings will sit on your left side with the baby in the centre or on your right hip. Learn how to find out which shoulder is right for you.

Not all of our slings will have this option. If you don’t see it listed this means the sling is not ‘directional’ and can be worn on either shoulder.

Pleated or Gathered shoulder ring sling – that is the Great Ring Sling Debate. There’s a reason that we make two kinds of shoulders; it’s because they are both wonderfully comfortable and both have great advantages for carrying your little one. We couldn’t choose one as an overall winner even if we tried, as they both have different qualities we love.

Pleated: The material is folded and stitched into the pleated shoulder, this means the fabric doesn’t spread as far, and so takes up less space on your shoulder.

Gathered: The fabric is gathered directly through the rings with no folds or sewn-in pleats, allowing you to spread the fabric over the shoulder for even weight distribution.

There are a number of reasons you might choose one over the other, find out which one is right for you on the blog.

You can see the basic fabric composition of each sling when hovering over the images on the product type page. The exact fabric composition will be listed in the ‘Product Information’ tab of each listing. If you already have your sling, the composition can be found on the care label. Learn more about our responsibly sourced and organic yarns.

Different fabric compositions have different ‘wrapping qualities’, this means that each ‘blend’ offers something unique to babywearers. One blend might be more suited to smaller children or for use in hot weather, while others will really shine when used with a heavier toddler. The description of each sling should tell you some of the wrapping qualities, as well as the age of child it is best for.

We love to try new yarns and new weaving techniques to provide innovative fabrics for our customers to enjoy. Learn more about the yarns we use, and find out how to choose a sling for a newborn or toddler.

Stock Queries

Our ethically made fabrics are woven in limited numbers and we do not usually reweave styles. However, we do not always release all the fabric we have in a particular colourway, so if an item is out of stock in certain sizes we may be working to restock it. If you have seen a sling you like, please message us on our chat or email [email protected] and we will be able to let you know if it will be restocked soon. If it is out of stock completely, you can sign up for an email alert, however, we would suggest getting in touch to see if a restock is planned.

Our Oscha Classics include a selection of items which we aim to keep in stock at all times. In the unlikely event these are out of stock completely you can sign up for an email alert to let you know when we have restocked the style you are looking at. We review our Classics collection regularly to ensure that the most popular items are included and restocked, meaning we do change these from time to time to reflect customer interest and demand. If the item you are looking for is listed here, it will be restocked as soon as we have fabric available.

When we release new fabrics on the site we will stock and list wraps and ring slings which will be available to ship out to you immediately. However, we will also open a Made to Order listing for one week in order to allow customers to purchase any other Oscha item, including our carriers, shawls and other woven accessories. Made to Order purchases are made up especially for you and are shipped within 4 weeks of the listing closing. Learn more about Made to Order.

Our standard scarves are elegant, versatile and come with a frayed edge. Cowls are worn without any twists and will fall beautifully around your neck, while our infinity loops can be worn long or with a twist making them a versatile alternative to our scarves. Shop scarves, infinity loops and cowls.

Our scarves are approx. 200cm x 70cm. Cowls are made from 74cm of our scarf fabric joined to form a loop and infinity loops are made from 150cm of our scarf fabric joined to form a long loop.

When weaving it is normal for a small number of imperfections to occur, we carefully check our fabrics and slings for quality and identify any imperfections. Many companies would dispose of this fabric, however, as a zero-waste company, we offer these to our customers at a 10% or 20% discount depending on the visibility of the imperfections. Learn more about how we classify a 2nd or 3rd Grade.

Yes, this is part of our efforts to be a zero-waste company. We sell offcuts from our carriers in 1kg scrap packs and we sell also 1m fabric lengths of our British-woven fabrics. Shop all fabrics.

Our woven wraps, ring slings, carriers and items in our Lifestyle range are checked by our in-house quality control team before they are carefully packaged and made available on our website.

Worried your woven fabric has a flaw? This might be a unique feature of a woven fabric, you can learn more about Fabric Characteristics here. Still concerned about imperfections? You can learn more about what constitutes a 2nd and 3rd Grade item here.

Benefits of Using a Sling

Yes, slings have been proven to soothe the symptoms of reflux and Colic. The upright ‘M’ position, supported by ergonomic carriers, can help alleviate the symptoms of colicky babies and those with reflux. Soothing babies with reflux and colic in arms can become tiring very quickly and slings can provide a welcome respite for your arms. The tummy to tummy contact while being carried, gently massages the baby’s abdomen, which can also help with digestion, trapped wind and constipation. Learn more about reflux and babywearing and about the benefits of using a sling.

Yes! Holding your baby where they can hear your heartbeat is reassuring and calming for them, especially in the early months, as it mimics being in the womb. Research shows that babies carried for only 1 or 2 hours a day cry 43% less overall, and 54% less in the evening hours. Learn more about the benefits of carrying.

Yes, using a baby carrier, such as a baby wrapring sling or ergonomic baby carrier, has been proven to support healthy physical development. Carrying helps guard against Flat Head Syndrome, supports healthy hip development and gives your child all-important ‘tummy time’ which is essential for their physical development, from holding their heads up to crawling and walking. Learn more about the benefits of carrying.

Yes, carrying nurtures secure attachment between parent and child, a relationship which is vital for positive and healthy mental development. Babies in a sling have been shown to be in a state of ‘quiet alertness’ which has been proven to be optimal for learning. Learn more about how carrying supports mental development.

Holding your child against your bare skin helps them to regulate their temperature, heart rate and breathing rates. It also produces oxytocin in the parent and baby, calming both and promoting bonding. Woven slings make skin-to-skin time easy and the beauty of carrying is dads can do it too. Learn more about the help baby carrying can give parents.

Yes, slings are a great aid for breastfeeding mothers. Carrying your little one close aids the production of oxytocin which increases milk supply, increases bonding and can help with postnatal depression. Carriers can also make feeding easy and discreet, and can give mothers more confidence to nurse in public. Learn how to breastfeed in a wrap, rings sling or ergonomic carrier.


Baby wraps, ring sling and carriers are all suitable for your baby to be carried in for long periods, in fact, you can use a sling as long as you are both feeling comfortable. Usually, your little one will need a feed or a change before they become restless in the same position, however, when in the carrier any change in their happiness, or state, should be monitored and their safety assessed.

For example, if your little one falls asleep it is advisable to run through your safety checks again to make sure you and your little one are as comfy as possible. Being close to your little one in the sling will allow you to more quickly respond to their cues, allowing you to attend to their needs before they start to fuss or become uncomfortable.



Yes, carrying your baby in an Oscha woven baby wrap, ring sling, or ergonomic carrier is perfectly safe. You can carry your little one with confidence in our safety tested carriers.

To make sure you and your little one are comfy and safe, please use your sling correctly following the instructions provided with your carrier. Learn more about using your sling safely, and visit your YouTube channel for more in-depth instructions.

Baby wraps, ring slings and ergonomic carriers are all safe for use from the arrival of your newborn. They will provide a soft and supportive carry that allows your little one to stay curled in their natural ‘froggy’ position for the first few weeks.  Learn more about sling safety.

Baby wraps and ring slings will give the most adjustable and snug fit, which is perfect for supporting delicate newborns in their natural position. Cairis, Bairn and Nook carriers are also safe for use with a newborn, though you might find the Nook has a better fit after about 1 month. We find our Coorie carrier usually fits well after 3 months so we wouldn’t suggest using it before then.

Woven fabrics can have some natural and unique characteristics that you might not be expecting, please read our blog post to see if this is a normal and safe characteristic of your new sling. If you believe there is an imperfection which might pose a safety concern, then please send us a clear picture of the affected area by our chat or send us an email at [email protected]

Your baby is less likely to be hurt if you happened to fall when you are carrying them in a sling as your hands are free to break your fall and protect your baby. Of course, you need to be just as careful moving around as when you are carrying your child in arms and you should not engage in any dangerous or sporting activities when using a sling. Learn more about using your sling safely.


So, you’ve learnt the basics of using your wrap, ring sling or ergonomic carrier but your baby just doesn’t seem happy. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, it’s quite common! And there can be many different reasons for babies being unsettled at the start. Remember, it’s a new experience for both of you and it’s very normal for babies to fuss when you start carrying them.

Take your time, talk to your baby and explain what you are doing, keep calm, and as your confidence grows, then your baby will soon enjoy the loving closeness of being carried. Make sure to walk around once your baby is in the sling as the calming motion will soothe them and allow them to get used to their new vantage point. Our post from Sling Consultant Jillyan Graham will give you more tips and tricks for settling your little one.

You should always be comfortable when using your wrap, ring sling or carrier. To ensure a comfy carry you must make sure they are being used correctly, learn more about carrying safely and comfortably or read more with our guides to the best starter carries for each of our carrier types.

If you have a Sling Consultant or Library in your area they will be able to give you personal advice to help perfect the most comfortable carry for you and your little one. If you do not have one nearby, our in-house Sling Consultants will be able to give you advice through our chat or over email ([email protected]).

If you have one of our ergonomic carriers, our Top Tips for Carrier Comfort post might be able to help you. If you have a Cairis, our more detailed Cairis Comfort post will give you more information about our wrap-strap carrier.

You and your baby will keep one another warm so you do need to think about what to wear. Depending on how cold it is your baby may be fine with a warm jacket as the sling will provide an extra layer of warmth, it’s most important to make sure baby’s extremities are covered so in cold weather he should have a hat and leg warmers or extra socks to keep his legs and feet warm.

Regularly checking in that your little one isn’t getting too hot is important. This is easy to do by feeling their chest, if it is very cold or a little sweaty then they are probably not comfy – this should be addressed quickly by adding or removing layers. Learn more about carrying in cold weather.

If it’s raining then you can put an oversized rain jacket on after your baby is in the sling, always ensuring that their head is uncovered. We suggest using a hat or a jacket with a hood to protect your little one’s head. You can also use an umbrella, which will nicely cover you both.

We suggest you can start with back carrying from around 4 months when your baby is demonstrating good, strong and consistent head control. Learn more about starting back carries.

Baby wraps and ring slings are able to be used until it is no longer comfy for you and your little one. All our fabrics are weight tested until 45lbs (or about 5 years old), however, some customers will carry for longer at their own discretion.

Our half-buckle Cairis carrier comes in two sizes. Baby Cairis will generally fit knee to knee until about 2.5 years, while the Toddler Cairis should last until about 5 years.
Our simple full-buckle Bairn carrier can be used until the panel no longer fits your little one knee to knee, for most this will be around 2.5 years.
Our innovative full-buckle Nook Carrier also comes in two sizes. The Encompass should fit comfortably until 2.5 years, while our Pre-schooler carrier the Evolve will last until around 6 years.

Shipping & Returns

Following Brexit (on the 1st of January 2021), prices displayed on our website show local taxes and duties included for customers in the European Union, meaning there will be no unexpected charges for you when buying from us. You will not have to pay any extra fees upon delivery of your parcel.

Oscha offers free worldwide tracked shipping on all orders over £150 (or equvilent in supported currencies).
A choice of priority carrier may be offered if available for your region, this service will be charged at the subsidised rate detailed below.

We offer subsidised shipping rate on all orders below £150 in order to offer you the best value. Where possible we offer both standard and priority options. 

UK EU US Russia & Turkey Rest of the World
DPD £4.00 £6.00
DHL £9.50 £12.50
FedEx £9.50 £8.50 £12.50
Royal Mail £12.50

Your Oscha package will be shipped from the UK with the retail price declared on the package. Following Brexit (on the 1st of January 2021), prices displayed on our website show local taxes and duties included for customers in the European Union, meaning there will be no unexpected charges for you when buying from Oscha. You will not have to pay any extra fees upon receiving your parcel. Customers in the US will not be charged customs as long as their order comes to under $800. All customers based in other locations will pay local customs fees upon delivery of your items.

We work with a number of mail service providers including Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL and DPD. The courier available to you will depend on your region. For more information, visit our Shipping & Returns page.

If you have purchased a Made to Order item or an item from a Pre-order your order will be placed on hold while we make and check your new sling or accessory. If you haven’t purchased from one of these types of listings, then please check your inbox to ensure we haven’t contacted you regarding your order before emailing Customer Care on [email protected]

Depending on where your wrap is being shipped to please allow the following times:

DPD/ Royal Mail
UK – 1 working day
EU – 3-5 working days
ROW – 5-7 working days

ROW – 2-3 working days
EU – 3-4 working days


USA – 1 working day
ROW – 2-3 working days
EU – 3-4 working days

Please note: these times are estimates from our mail service providers.

If you are concerned that your package has not arrived within these times, please email our Shipping team at [email protected] with your order number and they will look into it for you.

Please check with your neighbours and at your local postal depot to ensure you cannot locate the package yourself. If you cannot locate the package, please email our Shipping team at [email protected] with your order number and they will be able to contact the courier on your behalf.

Of course! You have a period of 14 days after the date on which you receive the goods to notify us of your return, the return shipping will be at your own cost. For sale items, 2nd grade, 3rd grade or other special offer goods, you have a period of 7 days from receipt of the goods to return them to us. Read our Returns Policy for more information.

Please note: Custom orders, including group custom orders and semi-custom orders, are exempt from this policy – see Pre-Order T&Cs.