Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

If you are purchasing as a member of a Pre-Order Group then the following terms & conditions apply. Please read them carefully to make sure you understand how products that are customised are different. In all other aspects not outlined below, our standard terms & conditions apply.

1. You will not receive the items purchased for approximately 4 months after the date the order is placed with our suppliers. This means the clause stating ‘your purchase will be shipped within 3 working days’ within our standard terms & conditions does not apply.

2. The right to cancel an order once paid for, as outlined in our standard terms & conditions, does not apply to custom goods.

3. Pre-orders cannot be changed or combined once payment is made.

4. If pre-orders are being placed as a small group by one member, to save postage, in doing so they are confirming all group members have read and understood the pre-order terms & conditions and individual members cannot withdraw their order once placed

5. Pre-order items cannot be returned unless there is agreement with Oscha Slings that the item is faulty. You must contact us to discuss the issue before returning the item.

6. If an item is faulty then we will replace it, if we have a replacement available. Should there be no suitable replacement available, only then will a refund be offered.

7. Mock-ups provided by Oscha Slings give an approximation of the finished product and cancellations cannot be made due to perceived differences between it and the final product within tolerable limits, as determined by Oscha Slings.

8. Cairis and Coorie carriers will be made up with top and bottom as laid out in the mock-up provided by Oscha Slings.