Made to Order Terms & Conditions

If you are purchasing a Made to Order item then the following terms & conditions apply. Please read them carefully to make sure you understand the areas in which products that are specially commissioned have terms & conditions which are different from our standard terms & conditions

1. Production Time. Your item will be made and shipped within 4 weeks of purchase. This means the clause stating ‘your purchase will be shipped within 3 working days’ within our standard terms & conditions does not apply.

2. Cancellation. 
You have the right to cancel or change your order as outlined in our standard terms & conditions.

3. Confirmation. Once you have paid for your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail immediately.  If you do not receive this, please contact [email protected] as there may have been an issue with processing payment and the order may not have completed.

4. Combined Orders. Orders containing Made to Order and Ready-made items will be shipped only once the Made to Order items have been fully completed, this is usually 4 weeks from when the listing has been closed.

5. Customisation. We are not able to offer any customisation on Made to Order items, this includes, but is not limited to, pattern placement, ring colours and direction of colours.

6. Carriers. Carriers will be made up with top and bottom as stated in the listing. This is not able to be changed (see point 5).

7. Group Orders. If a single order is being placed on behalf of a small group of individuals (in order to save postage or for some other reason), by submitting an order the individual is acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions on behalf of the entire group of individuals. Individual members cannot withdraw their orders once the order has been submitted on behalf of the group.

8. Change of Address. Once an order is placed, the delivery address can only be changed if it is being shipped within the same country.  Please contact [email protected] if you would like to update your delivery address information. Changing the delivery address information on your Oscha account on our website will not automatically update any orders already placed.

9. Payment. When paying for your item you must log in to your Oscha account for the items to appear in your order history.

10. Returns. You have a period of 14 days after the date on which you receive the goods to notify us of your return, the return shipping will be at your own cost. Please read our standard Returns T&Cs, as these apply to Made to Order items: If the item is faulty, it will be replaced provided a replacement exists. A refund will be offered if no suitable replacement exists.

11. Accessories.

      1. Jacquard keyrings, Strap Protectors, Cynchs & Tote bags only show a small part of the fabric.  There is no guarantee which section you will receive.

      2. Wrap Throws are double wrap width – on multi-colour warps that fade there will be a hard edge along the centre of the blanket where the first colour of the fade meets the final colour unless the group have opted for a mirrored fade. There may be a dotted line or join where a pattern isn’t continuous across the whole width.

      3. Scarves, Precis Cowls & Infinity Loops, Toy Slings & Toy Ring Slings are half wrap width. This means that, on a graduated warp, you will receive an item with only half the grad and for all items, you will get only half the pattern.
Patterns with a border will have it running along only one edge.

      4. 1m & 0.5m Fabric Pieces come in cut 1m lengths, even if you purchase multiple pieces, they will not be continuous.

12. Closing the Made to Order listing. Made to Order listings will usually be open for one week, however, we reserve the right to close them at any time. Certain meterage is allocated to ready-made wraps and ring slings, this may result in the Made to Order listing being closed while wraps and ring slings are still available.

13. Oversells. In the unlikely event that we cannot fulfil all orders with the fabric allocated to the Made to Order listing, as many orders as possible will be honoured. Fabric stock is monitored daily, and full refunds will be issued in these cases. We reserve the right to cancel orders for Made to Order items while ready-made wraps & ring slings are still available.