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Oscha Team Christmas Gift Guide

Have you ever wondered what presents our team members would pick out for their friends and families?

Here at Oscha Christmas is a very special time for all of us. We work tirelessly all year round to bring you beautiful products that will bring joy to you and your family, and it makes us especially happy knowing that many of them will end up in new homes all around the world this festive season! Here you can find our Christmas gift guide with wonderful Oscha items chosen by our team members.



Starry Night Auric Baby Wrap

"I just think Starry Night Auric Baby Wrap would make the best gift for parents of a newborn. It is sooo soft and snuggly and it feels luxurious - new parents could really do with being pampered! It’s monochrome too, so easy for anyone to wear and to match with any outfit.".

Oscha co-founder, Zoe, oversees all the departments within Oscha, she takes a key part in designing new products and her favourite part of Oscha is seeing the new fabrics arrive!


Ecommerce Marketing Manager

Starry Night Nebula Bairn Carrier

"The Bairn carrier would make a great gift as it’s so quick and easy to use, it would be wonderful for a new parent as it allows little ones to be held close - I’d choose the Starry Night Nebula colourway as I just love the Starry Night pattern and the blue tone goes with everything. This carrier looks stylish and would be enjoyed by mum and dad!".

You might know Hannah from our Facebook Live videos - she loves introducing our customers to new products and educating them on the products' features. As the Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Hannah plans Oscha's marketing campaigns, takes active part in planning new releases and liaises with our models and photographers.


Baby Carrying Consultant and Acting Customer Care Manager

A Size 2 Rei River Wrap and a Pair of Rings

"Since my little ones are not so little anymore, I’ve adored short wraps and shawls, and often wear size 2 wraps as huge scarfs to keep me warm, knowing that if they need carrying I can do that too! I love the versatility of using the rings to make a no sew ring sling, or a really pretty scarf. I think it would be an amazing gift for a parent of a toddler. I’d choose Rei River because the contrast in colours is stunning, and I love combed cotton - but also because I adore all blues!".

If you have been in touch with our Customer Care, you have probably spoken to Jess. She is a certified Baby Carrying Consultant and our Acting Customer Care Manager while Marta is on maternity leave.


Ecommerce Executive

Okinami Haar Baby Wrap

"Okinami Haar will make a wonderful Christmas present as it's the perfect cold weather sling! I love the neutral colourway of this sling as it means that it'll be really easy to style with any outfit. Did you know that Okinami has remained our top 5 most popular pattern for years? All the more reason to gift someone a cosy Okinami wrap."

Have you ever taken part in our Secret Stash events in Clan Oscha? Every week Adel carefully plans the next Secret Stash event so that it can be as fun as possible. She is also responsible for listing new products and keeping an eye on the website.


Marketing Executive

Sekai Claret Scarf

"I just love the deep red tones of the Sekai Claret scarf at this time of year and the snuggly soft wool is perfect for cosying into. I think this makes the perfect Christmas gift as it can be worn however you want – draped over the body as a shawl, fastened tightly as a scarf or loosely wrapped around your shoulders and neck. And this scarf is also made from recycled plastic bottles – making me love it even more!".

Megan is one of our newest team members - you might have already "met" her in Clan Oscha where she makes sure to answer any queries on a daily basis. In addition to helping our lovely customers, Megan is also responsible for creating content for our Social Media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.


Woven Textile Designer

Lilika Seer Baby Wrap

"I’m a big fan of accessorising with some bright colours when our northern hemisphere days get shorter and darker, and these jewel tones combined with the burnt orange weft are ideal for some cosy brightness that will last all year round! Our lovely soft Superwash Wool means this fabric would also make a great shawl to give as a non-babywearing gift".

Towera is one of our Woven Textile Designers and her main responsibilities include designing and creating beautiful fabrics. Towera is passionate about choosing the best yarns for babywearing, after all she has a little one of her own whom she loves wrapping in Oscha slings.


Woven Textile Designer

Misty Mountain Coldfells Shawl

"I think this shawl would make the most perfect Christmas gift this winter. With many of us spending a lot more time outdoors this year, I feel it would be lovely to gift a loved one something that will help them stay that little bit warmer when out and about.  The deep midnight blue goes with almost anything and this shawl will look just as amazing dressed up as it does dressed down."

As one of our Woven Textile Designers, Carmen's main role is using her textile knowledge to help create and design our beautiful fabric.


Operations and Fulfillment Supervisor

Augmenta Lunae Ocean Throw

"I love the gorgeous colour and pattern of this throw. It will make a wonderful present for anyone this Christmas!".

Have you ever been surprised by how quickly you received your order? As our Operations and Fulfilment Supervisor, Renate makes sure that all orders are shipped as quickly as possible after they have been placed. She also keeps an eye on our stock, makes sure that everything is labelled correctly and is stored in the right places.


Finance Director

Doors of Durin Indigo Mug

"Morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without my favourite mug. It reminds me of being a child and reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time.".

As our Finance Director, Pete's main responsibility is establishing the company's financial strategy and making sure that we're on track to reaching our long-term goals. Day to day you might find Pete helping out in other departments, for example, sometimes he assists the Fulfillment team in shipping orders to make sure our customers get their lovely Oscha goodies as quickly as possible.


Operations Assistant

Sea Salt Ocean Throw

"Easily one of my favourite designs, whether on a wrap, or an accessory, I just love it when displayed on this gorgeous throw. Perfect for any area of the house, the calm blue tone also makes it ideal for all seasons."

As our Operations Assistant, Fiona's main responsibilities include cutting fabrics, occasionally stitching beautiful slings for our customers, checking them for flaws and packing them to be ready to be shipped to their new homes.