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How does Oscha Made to Order work?

This is your chance to have an Oscha item made just for you from this stunning fabric. Choose from any of our baby carriers, scarves, bags or keyrings.. Our skilled seamstresses will then carefully craft your custom item especially for you. Some items are only available through Made to Order, giving you the opportunity to purchase a unique Oscha which may be one of a kind! It also helps avoid waste  as we only make what is needed. Learn more about Made to Order. 

Orders will be shipped within 4 weeks of this pre-release closing on Wednesday 22nd September. Please note: Your order will be held until all the items you have purchased are ready, this includes any other pre-order, made to order or read-made items.

Wraps and Ring Slings in this fabric can be found here, these items are ready to ship immediately. If they are no longer available ready to ship, we will add them to this listing to be made up for you


✔  Great all-rounder ✔ Suitable for beginners ✔ Soft & drapey ✔ Ethically made in Scotland

As described by our tester, this Superwash cashwool and organic cotton fabric feels “snuggly and soft straight out of the bag without any prickle and is oh so drapey”. Mouldable and thin in hand, it is suitable for children of all ages, including newborns, and will be a lovely choice for beginners as it is easy to wrap with. Toddlers may need a multi-layer carry with this fabric.

Willow Neoma is woven on a rich brown mirrored grad warp, inspired by comforting autumnal drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee. It is completed with fresh green leaves and branches glistening through the dark backdrop for a mesmerising effect.

Superwash wool is an easy care wool yarn which gives a woolie softness and support, while being lovely and mouldable in hand. It also lends a very gentle cush to this fabric. This yarn is safe to wash on a 30-degree delicates cycle, making it perfect for busy wool lovers. Wool’s temperature regulating properties will keep you warm on cooler days but will also keep you cool in warm weather.

This fabric is also woven with BCI organic cotton. By using it we ensure that our cotton meets the Better Cotton Initiative’s high standards of environmental, economic and social responsibility. Our BCI cotton is also organic, meaning it is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land, and farmers, healthy.


*Wondering which section of the fabric will feature on your item? 

Our seamstresses carefully place the patterns to feature the optimum placement for carriers and Aliya bags. Please note the top of this fabric is the branches up side, carriers will be made with this side at the top. Items marked as ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ only show the noted half of the fabric. Aliya bag & baby carrier placement can be seen in images.

Oscha Slings are ethically handcrafted in Scotland and come with a Peace Of Mind Guarantee.

**This is a Made to Order listing – please read our T&Cs before checking out.**

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand washing is recommended, although a wool cycle on a known reliable machine may be used at your own risk. Use a suitable wool detergent. Lay flat to dry and iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 59% BCI Organic Combed Cotton, 41% Superwash Cashwool.

FABRIC WEIGHT: approx. 273gsm

  • Soft

  • Strong
  • Breathable
  • Malleable
  • Mouldable
  • Gentle cush
  • Gentle stretch
  • Great all-rounder
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for all climates

Baby Wrap – Learn more. Come in sizes 2-9. Please refer to our size guide for help with choosing the right size.

Ring Sling – Learn more. Come in two shoulder styles: Highland Pleat and Gathered. ‘Left or right shoulder’ refers to the position of the rings on your shoulder, your baby will sit on the opposite hip. Learn more about choosing a ring sling here.

Bairn CarrierLearn more. Suitable from 0-24 months (7-45lbs). For all measurements please refer to one of the product listings.
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Coorie CarrierLearn more. Comes in two sizes: Baby and Toddler. Baby is suitable from (3-30 months) 15-45lbs. Toddler is suitable from (2-5 years) 25-45lbs. For all measurements please refer to one of the product listings.

Aliya Bag – Depth 31cm, Width (at base) 36cm, Strap Length adjustable from 63-102cm.

Scarves, Loops and Cowls – Scarves are approx 200cm x 35cm. Cowls are 70cm in width and 90cm is used to form a loop. Infinity loops are 70cm in width and 150cm is used to form a long loop. Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width loops or cowls. Infinity loops precis are 35cm in width and 150cm is used to form a long loop. Cowls precis are 35cm in width and 90cm is used to form a loop.

Shawl – 223cm x 70cm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Wrap Throw – 221m x 140cm. Please note some patterns might have a join or line down the middle where the pattern meets.

Fabric Pieces – 1m or 0.5m x Full Wrap Width.

Keyring – 17cm x 3.5cm.

See ‘Size Guide’ tab for all product dimensions.

Baby Wraps – Our handwoven baby wraps are a length of woven fabric specially designed to allow you to comfortably carry your child from newborn through to toddlerhood. Baby wraps can be tied in a variety of ways making them perfect for carrying children of all ages. Shop all

Ring Sling – Our handwoven Ring Slings are  elegant and quick to use: perfect for short trips and for children who like to be up and down often. The sling is secured on the shoulder through a set of safety tested rings. Shop all

Not sure which carrier to choose? Compare our baby carriers

Aliya Bag – Our signature bag that will work as a nappy bag, shoulder or cross body. Comfy and practical, it has a large main pocket, perfect for everything from snacks to keys, with a handy smaller pocket to keep your phone and purse close to hand. Shop all 

Shawls – Our shawls can be used as an extra wide scarf or as an elegant evening and wedding wear. These are made from the wrap fabric. Shop all

Wrap Fabric Scarves – These scarves are made from the wrap fabric and come unfringed. Wrap Fabric Infinity Loops – These can be worn long or with a twist making them a great alternative to our scarves. Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width. 

Wrap Fabric Cowls – These are worn without any twists and will fall beautifully around your neck. Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width. See size guide for dimensions. 

Wrap Throws are double wrap width – on multi-colour warps that fade there will be a hard edge along the centre of the blanket where the first colour of the fade meets the final colour unless the group have opted for a mirrored fade. Where there is a solid colour warp or a mirrored warp there will be a centre line running through the length of the wrap throw.

Fabric Pieces – 1m or 0.5m pieces of fabric, note multiple orders will be sent as separate lengths. Shop all 

Keyrings – Our handy keyrings can be looped around your wrist and features a piece of beautiful Oscha jacquard fabric. Shop all

Face Masks – Non-medical grade face coverings made from our beautiful fabric. Choose between shaped and pleated style. Our shaped masks are designed to fit comfortably over your mouth and nose, with a durable elastic to secure around your ears. Our pleated face masks are neatly pleated to mould more comfortably over your mouth and nose, with durable elastic to secure around your ears, and include a pocket for a medical-grade filter.

*Please note that all items listed here are made from Wrap material, this means for some items such as throws and scarves they may be different in texture from other items you have seen listed on our site.


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