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Oakenshield™ Glîn 1m Fabric Pieces

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Please note: We do not always reweave our fabrics, but you will receive a notification if this item becomes available.

This beautiful fabric features interlocking geometric shields that are inscribed with the names Thrór, Thráin and Thorin, while the Oakenshield title “King Under the Mountain” runs along the rails.

This is a Middle Earth collection item, inspired by the Lord of the Rings.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Hang to dry. Iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 48% Organic Combed Cotton, 31% Pure Bamboo, 21% Cotton, 64cm wide.

FABRIC WEIGHT: approx. 330gsm

  • Perfect for crafting

1m x full wrap width (FWW). See Product Information for exact width.

Our wrap fabric is now available to purchase in 1m x full wrap width pieces.

*Please note our fabric is only available in 1m lengths, multiple purchases will be sent as separate pieces.

2 reviews for Oakenshield Glîn 1m Fabric Pieces

  1. AMMAR ATIFIE OTHMAN (verified owner)

    I love it, beautiful piece of fabric. I might just keep it as is!

  2. Mary M

    Received a scrap of this in a scrap pack. I love how soft and smooth this bamboo is! Beautiful fabric.

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