Map of Middle Earth™ Indigo Mug

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Featuring our original Map of Middle Earth design, this blue and white mug is an instant classic. Perfect for your morning coffee, or afternoon cuppa!

Based on the classic illustrations of Middle Earth, this stunning new pattern shows the length and breadth of Middle Earth from Mordor to The Lonely Mountain, the Belegaer sea to Forodwaith.

This bone china mug is part of our Middle Earth collection, inspired by the Lord of the Rings and officially licensed by Middle-earth ent.

100% Bone China, Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

  • Original hand-drawn designs

  • Made in the British Isles
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Nevis Mug:
112mm High
100mm Diameter
480ml/16oz Volume

We have teamed up with a Great British Pottery, who have been creating the highest quality mugs in 1974 in Dunoon, Scotland. Now based in Staffordshire, England, this manufacturer is run by a family who has been working with pottery for over 100 years.

Entirely produced in the British Isles by generations of skilled families, these china mugs feature classic Oscha patterns for you to enjoy every time you want a cuppa!
Made from fine bone china in Staffordshire.

7 reviews for Map of Middle Earth Indigo Mug

  1. Shan (verified owner)

    My everyday coffee mug. I just love the extra large size and the map print.

  2. Teresa (verified owner)

    I bought this mug as a Christmas gift for my husband. It is now his prized possession! It is very well-made, light and thin. (Not a chunky mug.) Lots of our book-love friends have gotten excited seeing it too!

  3. Persi (verified owner)

    My husband and sister-in-law love their mugs! I do wish that it were a bit thinker, but it really is a lovely mug.

  4. marine.lovero (verified owner)

    I bought this mug purely for the map pattern – but now, I can’t drink my tea with another cup, it’s the perfect size, thin and light. And that map!

  5. Kit (verified owner)

    A beautiful, fun mug to use. I love the detail of the compass rose on the inside. My preschooler keeps asking where Australia is on this map… but that isn’t Oscha’s fault! I was surprised to find it holds 16oz since it doesn’t look that big in hand. It is very dishwasher safe and in the sunshine it reflects the mug design onto the table/hand/whatever paper my children can grab to play with the reflection. A very useful mug for coffee and unexpectedly useful mug for discussions about maps and playing with light.

  6. Mary M (verified owner)

    I love the shape of these mugs! They fit so nicely in the hand.

  7. Lenka Lukac (verified owner)

    I adore this mug. It’s the perfect size for my morning cup of tea or evening cup of hot chocolate (it holds 16oz, I do prefer my beverages bigger). My toddlerina keeps asking to have tea in “the blue cup” too, and it seems the bell shape makes it easy for her to hold and drink out of it. Although it’s so thin and feels so fragile, handing it to her makes me really jumpy. She also loves maps, so pointing out “Mommy, it’s a map!” is another favourite passtime, as is reading all the letters. All in all, as soon as I got it, it became my go-to mug for everyday use. The fact that I can just plop it in the dishwasher is icing on a very tasty cake.

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