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Roses Ròsach

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Rich red overlays deep chocolate brown creating a bed of red roses on shimmering hues of burgundy.

This is a soft, lustrous Ce� scarf that will make a sweet accent to your outfit.

16% cashmere, 84% combed, mercerised cotton.


Ce� scarves are approx 200cm x 70cm.

Ce� cowls are made from 74cm of our full-width Ce� fabric joined to form a loop.

Ce� infinity loops are made from 150cm of our full-width Ce� fabric joined to form a long loop.

Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width scarves.

Intricate weaves in superfine long-staple cottons and cashmere blends, these fine, voluminous scarves beautifully display striking patterns in a stunning range of seasonal colours – an effortless, chic accent to any outfit.

Sumptuous & versatile, Ce� scarves are completed with an on-trend frayed edge. Drape as a shawl over your evening wear to add easy glamour or layer over everyday outfits as a statement scarf.

Ce� cowls are worn without any twists and will fall beautifully around your neck, while our Ce� infinity loops can be worn long or with a twist making them a versatile alternative to our scarves.


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