Ancients of Gondor Ithildin Shawl


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Flowing ecru trees shine through a black background on this gorgeous all cotton shawl. Named for the substance made from Mithril, Ithildin is used to create magical inscriptions which are only revealed when the correct incantation is said in the reflected light of the Moon and stars.

The trees in this pattern each represent part of the lineage of White Trees. The original White Tree was much beloved by the Elves. It emanated silver light, and it is said the Moon was formed from its last silver flower. Each tree thereafter is seen to symbolise divine qualities of goodness, wisdom and purity.

On this shawl we find Celeborn – the last to grow in the original dwelling place of the Elves, Nimloth – a sapling of Celeborn that was planted in the land of N�menor, and finally a sapling of Nimloth that became the first of the line in Middle-Earth: the White Tree of Gondor.

Organic combed cotton is strong, soft and cushy – a perfect winter shawl.

100% organic combed cotton, 295gsm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Ironing is recommended.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 100% organic combed cotton.

FABRIC WEIGHT: 295gsm approx

Oscha Shawls are made of the same finest quality, natural fabric as our baby slings, allowing you to wear these beautiful and striking designs, in wonderfully tactile fabrics, whether you are carrying your baby or not.

These shawls can use used casually, as an extra wide scarf or as elegant evening and wedding wear. They measure approximately 2.12m x 70cm.


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