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Alchemy Magnum Opus Baby Wrap

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Woven with organic cotton, this beautiful baby warp features rich jewel tones as well as a soft, rose gold Skincare yarn for a wonderfully breathable baby carrier.

Fluid in hand with a good balance between grip and glide, this handmade baby wrap is soft and supportive making it perfect from newborn through to toddlerhood

Skincare Modal is a unique yarn made from sustainable sources and manufactured using a process which recovers and recycles waste into biofuels. Imbued with natural oils and Vitamin E this yarn has proven skincare properties. Temperature regulating as well as moisture balancing Skincare Modal is proven to help repair and regenerate skin while providing anti-inflammatory care to delicate skin.

Our tester Maiko says: “The Skincare Modal yarn was so soft and luxurious feeling, it’ll be perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or for little babies. I think this wrap will shine best with multiple passes for big babies.”

Oscha Slings are ethically handcrafted in S



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