Okinami Everglade Ring Sling

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✔ Toddlerworthy  ✔  Woven with a hybrid weave technique  ✔ Textured and grippy

A rich fade of blue-green hues forms the backdrop to our three colour Okinami pattern. Okinami Everglade is textured and grippy sling making it perfect for toddlers.

Woven using BCI organic cotton along with alternating cottolin, Tencel and open-end spun European flax yarns, this ring sling features a dense hybrid weave technique which gives the fabric a toddlerworthy strength. Needing a little love to become soft enough for little ones, this sling still has a lovely malleability right from the bag. Open-end spun European flax adds a unique fleecy texture, it brings a little of the volume and texture of wool with none of the prickle, combined with strong linen and shimmery, eco-friendly Tencel this sling has a little cush and an intricate texture in hand.

Wholly sourced from Belgium and France, our open-end spun European Flax is a uniform yarn with a smooth surface made in a special process where the twist is inserted as the yarn is spun. Spinning the yarn in this way is more economical than normal methods – reducing energy consumption – making it a more eco-friendly yarn.

Low impact and produced from wood pulp using a closed loop system, Tencel is a great, ethical alternative to cotton and offers silky softness, strength and a wonderful shimmer. Organic cottolin is a twisted cotton and linen yarn which offers the support of linen with the softness and mouldability of cotton, it is great for carrying little ones and toddlers.

This sling is woven with BCI organic cotton, by using BCI cotton we ensure that our cotton meets the Better Cotton Initiative’s high standards of environmental, economic and social responsibility. Our BCI cotton is also organic, meaning it is grown with care and without chemicals keeping the land, and farmers, healthy.

Note: This item has not been Soft Touch finished, due to lockdown restrictions, it is still ready-to-wear but may need a little love to be in its softest state.

Oscha Slings are ethically handcrafted in Scotland and come with a Peace Of Mind Guarantee.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30 degrees. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry. Iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 52% BCI Organic Combed Cotton, 27% OE European Flax, 11% Tencel, 7% Cotton, 3% Linen, 64cm wide.

FABRIC WEIGHT: approx. 334gsm

  • Toddlerworthy

  • Cushy
  • Good balance of grip and glide
  • Needs a little love
  • Densely woven

Our ring slings are one size fits all. They are around 190 – 200cm long and the same width as a woven wrap.

For more information on shoulder type please refer to ‘About Product’ tab.

Woven ring slings are elegant and quick to use: perfect for short trips and for children who like to be up and down often.

Whether you want a sling for a newborn or a carrier for a 1-year-old and beyond, our eco-friendly ring slings are a great choice. Packing up small and light our beautiful baby slings are an amazing tool for the busy parent.

Our stylish ring slings come in two shoulder options: Highland Pleated and Gathered. Learn more about both shoulder types.

Oscha’s handmade ring slings can be worn on either shoulder, although some directional patterns may be listed as Left Shoulder or Right Shoulder. Discover which shoulder is right for you. 

Oscha’s comfortable baby carriers bring many wonderful benefits to parents and children. Research shows that ring slings help babies sleep as well as soothing colic and reflux, baby carriers also support breastfeeding mothers and early bonding. Learn more about the benefits of carrying. 

Wrap your baby in an ethically crafted carrier. Oscha’s handmade baby slings are woven in the British Isles and sewn with love in Scotland.

Oscha ring slings come ready to wear but will soften wonderfully with love and wear, and come packaged in a handy organic cotton tote.

Find out more about ring slings here.


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