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Baby Carriers

Our fabrics are specially woven for our baby carriers in the British Isles from the finest, responsibly sourced and organic yarns and are stitched in our solar-powered Scottish workshop. Whether you want a carrier for a newborn or for a 1-year-old and beyond, our eco-friendly carriers are a great choice.

We have four styles of baby carriers, which are both full buckle and half buckle styles. The Nook & the Bairn are our full buckle carriers, perfect for those wanting a quick and easy carry. The Cairis is our half buckle style, comfy and wonderfully adjustable, it is great for those who want a little more support as well as head support. The Coorie is our other half buckle carrier, featuring a ring waist and pleated waistband this gives the utmost adjustability for a comfy and supportive carry that mimics the feel of a woven wrap.

Oscha’s comfortable carriers bring many wonderful benefits to parents and children. Research shows that they help babies sleep as well as soothing colic and reflux, carriers also support breastfeeding mothers and early bonding.

Sized generously the Cairis & Nook are ideal for those looking for a plus size baby carrier, with a Waist Extender also available if you need a little extra length in the waistband.

Wrap your baby in an ethically crafted carrier. Our baby carriers are made from responsibly sourced materials and produce zero waste, with every scrap of yarn and fabric used or recycled. Oscha's handmade baby slings, carriers and wraps are woven in the British Isles and sewn with love in Scotland. Our 100% solar-powered workshop means your carrier has a little sunshine stitched into the seams.

Find out more about the differences between our carriers with our Getting Started Guide.

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