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Okinami Starlit Depths Spares

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Please note: We do not always reweave our fabrics, but you will receive a notification if this item becomes available.

A special hybrid weave Okinami, this luxurious fabric is woven with two weft yarns – bourette silk in deep indigo and white tencel. Each weft picks out different parts of the pattern to create added depth and interest.

Both yarns are soft and pliable – the bourette will add a slubby texture due to the natural flecks, whilst the tencel will add glide and shine. The weave structure creates a supportive fabric that is suitable for big kids, yet the soft yarns will help this work for smaller babies too.

This is part of a custom preorder for the Mermaid Galaxy group – all the colours, yarns and patterns have been specially selected.

*Please note the top of this fabric is the purple side, carriers will be made with this side at the top. Items marked as ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ only show the noted half of the fabric.

Oscha Slings are ethically handcrafted in Scotland.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand washing is recommended, although a silk cycle on a known reliable machine may be used at your own risk. Use a suitable silk detergent. Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 53% Organic Combed Cotton, 27% Bourette Silk, 20% Tencel.

FABRIC WEIGHT: Est. approx. 312gsm

Your choice of wrap will depend on the type of carries you intend/prefer to use and your size and height.

A size 6 wrap is a good choice for a general use sling, which is suitable for most sizes and carries. If you have very long tails in certain carries just wrap them around your body again and tie off.

If you are buying a wrap to share and are unsure which size to buy, it is generally recommended to buy with the main user in mind. If you are carrying a toddler as opposed to a baby, you may need a slightly longer sling.

For more information, please refer to our Size Guide.

1 review for Okinami Starlit Depths Spares

  1. Lindsey Godbold (verified owner)

    This wrap is so perfect! The hybrid weave makes is soft and cushy with some texture. It is thick and wraps a little short because of the thickness. But it is so lovely. Despite the thickness, the moldability makes it a great wrap for little babies in addition to toddlers.

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